Opera SuccessStory

Opera SuccessStory


Internet browsing field is one of the most hotly contested sectors in the technology space. One of the most prominent internet browsers today is Opera. Opera started out as something of a research project at Telenor, the largest Norwegian company. Later on, after branching out into Opera, they opened the first version in 1996, operating specifically only for Windows.Later, the Opera makers wanted to use the prevailing handheld devices opportunity and began processing software onto multiple operating systems.

Later on, versions of Opera began to offer users the chance to view ads or block them from Google. By 2005, all of the advertisements were totally removed.Opera has some neat accessibility features that allow users to control the browser with the help of their keyboard shortcuts. Now, the latest Opera Turbo allows web pages to be compressed to 80% of its original size.

The browsers also allow for good privacy options for those who wish to delete browsing cookies as well as history from their computer networks. They also maintain and update a public web form wherein users are able to identify and report any glitches that they are facing at any point while using the browser.There are many products that are available from Opera that are compatible on different devices.

                                         Opera headquarters

Opera Mobile is specifically designed to use on the Android devices. It was released in 2013 and utilizes the Blink engine.Opera Coast is available on use for the Apple devices and Opera TV Browser can be used on TV and other compatible set top boxesOpera has been voted the fifth most popular search engine on the internet and still has a long way to go before being considered in the same bracket as Google. However, they still command a market share of 11.08%. They are used by around 1-5% of the global mobile market.


The system is also available on the famous software Adobe and can be found on many of the devices that support Adobe and its affiliated software. The Presto engine has been received well by critics and users alike and at the moment is a strong USP of Opera. However, Blink did not see same kind of reception and faced criticism from many quarters. This is due to the fact that it misses out on useful features such as UI customization, something prominent on the other web browsers.


About.com - Best Major Desktop Browser (2012)

Webware 100 Winner (2009).

Tech Cruiser Award 4 Excellence  (1999)

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