Simplenote SuccessStory



Simplenote is one of the foremost and most reliable apps that can be found on the Playstore as well as the Apple Store. It remains to be one of the most reliable applications that is found on the internet and has been downloaded more than a million times since its inception.The app is made by Simperium that was later sold on to Automatic and is still available on all the app stores. Though they have limited qualities in terms of their app features, they are still revered as one of the foremost apps for taking down notes on your device.

Simplenote Blog

The blog that is connected to Simplenote gives out features every time there is an update in terms of upgrades and themes that are released by the appmakers. For the past three years, upgrades have been in sync with the device that is at hand and also in relation to the themes that could be uploaded onto the phone to utilize the app.

They also recently uploaded a widget through which users can access the app directly from the OS X software. This allows them to use the app in an easy manner and allows for some of the best features to be directly accessed with the help of the widget.


Apart from the fact that it is available for phones and devices over different OS such as Windows, iOS, Android etc., Simplenote can also boast of a few additional features such as list making, notes and tasks as well as a fair share of other important tasks that allow for ease of management.

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