DropBox SuccessStory


New Advent of Cloud Storage

Today’s working individuals and professionals have tons of data that is critical to functioning of their business. Companies today share multiple files within and with others. The question now becomes; when it is not physically possible to maintain print copies of all data, and there is an obvious limit to the amount of hard storage on a computer, how do you ensure that all your information is in a safe and easily accessible space

One software that addresses majority of the concerns related to storage is DropBox, a file hosting service developed by two students of Massachusetts Institute of Technology.DropBox aims to clear all issues related to storage. Simply speaking, an application that allows you to save your files to a cloud source. This service basically allows users to create their very own special folder and allows them to add content to it. DropBox synchronizes this content so that same items can be viewed on multiple devices.

How It Works

DropBox is free to use and users can pay to increase the storage capacity of their accounts. At present, each free account is provided with 2GB. Users are required to create a unique account using a registered email id after downloading the application to their computers or other supported devices. Users can then add any file to a specific folder, following which DropBox then uploads to its cloud based service.

This makes the file available on any other devices that have DropBox installed by the user. The main coding language used is Python. DropBox currently uses Amazon’s Simple Storage Service to store the files.

Paid Extensions

The storage capacity can be expanded till 100GB at various price levels. Another extension is DropBox for Team, which allows expansion till 350GB. DropBox for Business is designed for large scale businesses to efficiently store, sync and access their data. It is a paid service that is now being widely accepted by many companies with great zeal. The main idea is to ensure that intellectual property of the company remains undisclosed to outside parties.

There are many official and unofficial additional services that are associated with DropBox these days. Send to DropBox is a web based extension that allows you to send files to your folder instead of uploading them. MacDrop Any is a desktop application which helps users sync any folder on their computer with DropBox easily. The functionality of DropBox has been extended by many users to cater to many needs and improve the efficiency. DropBox’s integration with Gmail allows for you to send sent or received files directly to DropBox. System monitoring, password management etc are some of other add on features.DropBox can now be used on Windows, Android and iOS devices, making it a universally sought after software.

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