For Beginners Who Need to Understand Their Pets

For Beginners Who Need to Understand Their Pets

For Beginners Who Need to Understand Their Pets

Our daily lives are constantly filled with routines, meetings and socializing. Some of us break such routines for a life filled with happiness and meditation. However, that lifestyle isn't for all of us, hence we get a pet instead. A furry or slimy creature that grabs our attention, that enjoys our company and keeps us at peace.

In their eyes, we are their superheroes, we are their knight in shining armor and we keep them safe. They assume we understand all of their needs and will be able to provide for them. Just as a clingy relationship, they depend on us, however, often we can't understand them. When they're hungry, we take them for a walk and when we are all tucked into sleep, they want to run around playing.

how to undersatnd dog

This lifestyle may be easier for those who have experienced being a pet owner, however, for a beginner, it can be stressful. It holds the equivalent responsibilities of being a new parent, you'll have a love-hate relationship in the beginning.

Hence I decided to put together a few pointers to help pet owners who are about to start their journey in understanding their pets.

1. Always Read Their Body Language

When you get your pet for the first time, it might be strange for both you and your pet. You trying to adapt to the presence of another creature and your pet trying to understand the new scenario. Initially, your pet may seem reserved and cautious around you, therefore, never force attachments to it. This applies especially to felines and reptiles such as snakes.

understand dog bodylanguage

The reasoning behind not insisting is to solely avoid any aggression or attacks towards you. As during the transition period, they're rather defensive and see you as a threat. However, after some time, you'll notice the change in the bond towards each other.

understand pets feelings

Hence, always keep an eye on their body language, observe their movement and to what extent they allow you to touch them. For instance, neither a feline nor a snake would allow you to carry them after a week of being in the same house.

It would take time but always, make sure to read and observe their body language.

2. Always Keep in Mind That Your Pets Rely On Instincts

Humans are rather logical beings, as much as we rely on our instinct we balance it out by relying on our rationalization too. However, animals aren't programmed to rely on logic or rationality. Animals rely on instincts more than anything else. They rely on the change of environment, circumstance, body temperature, heartbeat and sounds around them.

give dogs proper instincts

For example, if you're having a reptile or an amphibian, then keep in mind your body temperature and your heart beat matters the most. They base your emotions on your temperature and heartbeat. For instance, if you're angry, your body releases a different form of heat compared to when you're in love. Hence this slight changes which escape the human eyes are noticed by our pets.

let go of your fear

Therefore, if you're trying to bond with your new pet, then let go of your fear and be genuine. They can smell fear.

3. Research and Read About Your Pets

research about your pet

Sometimes we assume that getting a pet takes little to no knowledge. We never take the time to do our research or to study on how we could integrate them into our lives. This attitude often leads to surprises as we fail to understand their routine as well as their wants and needs as they accommodate with us.

research about dog

Therefore, my best advice would be to always make a good research about your pets. Read about them, ask other similar pet owners on its behavior and attitude or make a trip to the veterinarian as they might have good advice to help you. Furthermore, in the world of technology, you can always use YouTube to understand more on the maintenance of your pet.

If you would never attempt to build a bridge without research, then never get a pet without a research too.

4. Enjoy The Time with Your Pet

Often, we get so wrapped up in our busy lives that we forget to enjoy the tiny moments with our pets. We fail to acknowledge that unlike us, the lifeline of our pets is often shorter and that every second counts. Therefore, if you're afraid, go back to the reason why you got a pet for the first time and meditate on it.

enjoy your time with dog

You'll find your fears slipping away as you let your pet into your life. It may be difficult initially but never forget to have fun and enjoyment being a part of their lives. As time moves on faster than one can imagine, sometimes your busy life can be halted to enjoy a moment of chaos with them.

hav fun with your pet

In a nutshell, being a pet owner can be challenging. After all, you're assuming the similar responsibilities of a parent. However, never forget to appreciate them and have fun with them as for them you're their Superman.