5 Steps to Handle People Who Undermine Your Success

5 Steps to Handle People Who Undermine Your Success

5 Steps to Handle People Who Undermine Your Success

It’s not a perfect world. We can never expect the same reaction from everyone for any given situation. In spite of doing everything right, you may come across people who will either try to find faults in your endeavor and ridicule you or may go to the extent of making fun of you.

There are many unsatisfied souls who will never appreciate your success; they may have their own unsaid reasons like jealousy, or it's just in their disgusting nature. Success never comes alone; it brings responsibility as well as critics along with it. Beware of people who try to pull you down with their unpleasant words. Do not let critics work against your strong determination. Here are five steps to handle people who undermine your success:

1. Take Criticism Positively

take criticism positively

As its said ‘Keep your admirers near and your critics nearer’ for criticisers are best people to show you the mirror that your admirers won’t. Instead of sulking on their negative words, listen to their remarks intently and then introspect if what they said is actually fitting your personality. No one is perfect, so it may give you a chance to take a step further towards perfection.

2. Cut the Dreary Thread

cut the dreary thread

Some people are simply unyielding. Try to cut them out of your circle. The ones who always undermine your success for no reason can never be your well-wishers, hence it must not hurt you to let them go. Sometimes, it’s for your greater good to listen to your logical mind than to your emotional heart.

Some jealous beings may try to break you with their words to bring you down from the pinnacle of success to satisfy their uncanny feeling or to reach the peak you have achieved. Just go ahead and cut such dreary threads.

3. Ignore and Don’t React

dont react

The famous movie stars are also subjected to loads of criticism every day because unfruitful people derive pleasure from throwing dirt at successful people. Imagine what will happen if those stars listen and react to every word. It will definitely bring downfall in their career. So, they just ignore and don’t react. When you know it’s not in your hands to keep those useless mouths shut, just ignore them and do not react.

4. Concentrate and Focus on Your Future

focus on future

Do not waste your energy in formulating replies to comments of people who only love to criticize you. The motive of such people who undermine your success could be to deviate you from your path. It has been scientifically proven that an agitated mind can never think straight.

So, instead of putting attention on such frivolous people, make their bad intention futile by focussing on your goal. Concentrate on your task and nothing can disturb you. Stay unperturbed of negative remarks.

5. Encounter Such People with Courage

encounter them with courage

The more you show signs of weakness, the more people try to overpower you. Often backbiters and critics fear encounter of courage. One way to handle negative people who speak ill of your success is to face them and invite them upfront to participate in a discussion with you. It will also help to clear the air of confusion between the two if any.

Success is always envied by the less powerful. They know they cannot beat you hence they try to take out their frustration by undermining your success. When an elephant walks, dogs bark; but elephant keeps moving majestically without paying the slightest attention to the noise. Affirm yourself that you are the elephant and your only goal is to reach the success goal you have set for yourself.