Start Your Day For Success

Start Your Day For Success

Start Your Day For Success

1. Start with gratitude

 Start with gratitude

I heard this once from Wayne Dyer: you can start you’re morning saying “Oh God—Another morning?” or “Good morning God—thank you for another morning.”  Stark difference. Even if you have to wake up earlier than you’d like—you choose how you start the day. Why not start it with gratitude?

2. Take 5 minutes to meditate 

Take 5 minutes to meditate

I recommend sitting up in your bed and taking the first 5 minutes of your day in stillness: you, your breath and mind.  Whatever thoughts arise: notice what they are and let them float on by. If you find yourself getting agitated or stuck inyour thoughts, then shift your focus over to the breath to help clear your mind.  Remember it’s impossible to do meditation wrong.  You will benefit merely by taking the time to sit and declaring the intention “ Motivate yourself for Meditation ”

The practice of meditation is about giving yourself time to sit, to be, and observe the moment as it is.  If thoughts float by then allow that to be, and bring your mind’s attention back to breath. There is nothing wrong with thoughts. Recognize that whatever comes up usually needs to come up so that it can release. The magic happens when you acknowledge the thought without judgement and then invite the though to pass.  Keep coming back to the breath – which helps bring you back to the moment and away from the stories in your head. This is how you clear your mind and this is how clarity can float in. 

3. Take 10 minutes for mindful movement (such as a mindful yoga practice)

Take 10 minutes for mindful movement

What makes yoga different than other forms of exercise is the quality of mind that you bring into the practice. It is the breath and moment to moment awareness that truly makes yoga yoga. Because otherwise, as I’ve learned from teacher Bryan Kest—those movements are nothing more than eastern calisthenics. And so whatever calisthenics movement you do: take 10 minutes to do it mindfully. Integrate the breath and focus on the feelings that arise.  

Sometimes it’s a wonderful release of tension, sometimes it’s frustration, but whatever it is: the practice is to observe without judgement. Do this for at-least 10 minutes in the morning. How to maintain a Peaceful Mind

4. Take about 5 minutes to journal about what you want to create today

Take about 5 minutes to journal

This could be how you want to show up in your work, how you want to feel or prioritizing your to-do list. And since you started your morning clearing your mind with a little meditation and mindful-movement, you’re primed to create perfect priorities to guide your day. And if you can’t think of anything you want to create today, use this time to journal about anything you want.  The mere act of journaling can awaken creativity and new ideas can emerge that you never would have thought of otherwise.

5. Eat a healthy break fast

Eat a healthy break fast

High in fiber and with a healthy fat to help keep you going for several hours so that you’re at your peak performance.  For example a slice of high-fibre bread with avocado and a piece of fruit for a smaller breakfast, and for a larger breakfast (depending on your energy needs) you can add another slice of high-fibre bread, an egg and/or some pure Geek yoghurt.  Another example would be cooked quinoa with berries, an apple, walnuts, and almond milk (A home-made version of cereal without eating out of a box!) The more natural whole foods you eat the more energy you’ll feel and have to carry you through your day, helping you think and act optimally.