10 Time Management Techniques for High-Schoolers

10 Time Management Techniques for High-Schoolers

10 Time Management Techniques for High-Schoolers

Finding a healthy balance between school work and social life can be challenging but it becomes more complicated as you grown. By learning how to manage your time perfectly in high school,  will even help you be ahead of your game later in life.

Here are ten ways of Time management.

1. Start With a to Do List

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Write down all the day activities of the day every morning. Start with the most important ones.  if you don't complete,  don't get upset, add it for the next day.

2. Estimate How Long you'll Take to Do Each task

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Starting with the most challenging task of the day.  This will help you allot time for some other things that are less important.  

3. Know When you Work Best


Is it in the morning,  afternoon or at night?  Put this into consideration.  Use that time to do the most challenging task or even to study.

4. Bring  Work Along


If you have any upcoming test or assignment due,  bring it along wherever you go. You can use free wisely. Instead of reaching out for your phone to check facebook and twitter use it to catch up on homework. Just agreeing minutes will add up and they will give you time for other things.

5. Get Enough Sleep

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Get around 6 to 9 hours sleep. Enough sleep is important. Studies show that students who sacrifice sleep to study are likely to have problems understanding new things or even studying . Surprised?  Furthermore, you can't be on top of your game when you're exhausted.

6. Don't Procrastinate

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Don't make a habit of putting off what you can do today for tomorrow. If you do, you'll soon find that your schedule is in disarray. By spreading out your work into manageable segments over several days and sticking to that schedule, you'll find yourself relaxed and organised.

7. Don't Be Afraid to Say No

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As a student,  there is peer pressure from friends. You might be tempted to leave behind your schedule and go hand out with them in fear of disappointing them. There is nothing wrong with saying no. Stay focused and don't allow anything important to get in they way of keeping your schedule.

8. Think of Non-educational Activities That are Affecting Your Schedule

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Most students waste their time browsing on the internet. Most of them don't browse educational stuff,  they just want to have fun and be famous on social media. Identify such things and get rid of them.  You are in high school and you need to use your time well and attain good grades to join a university or college of your choice. Invest your time in educational things.

9. Create a Dedicated Time to Study

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Set time devoted only to studying or homework. Shut your phone and respond to calls or text after you finish. Don't check emails or surf the web during this time either.

10. Keep Things in Perspective Always

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Setting goals that are unrealistic sets you up for failure. While it's good to set goals for yourself,  be sure not to overdo it.  Set goals that are reachable.

Effective time management is essential for high schoolers in order to accomplish all you want to do. If you have a difficult time doing all you want or need to do,  is it because you truly don't have  enough time ? Or is it because you don't manage your time well?