10 Most Common Time Management Mistakes

10 Most Common Time Management Mistakes

10 Most Common Time Management Mistakes

Dreading to meet deadline or having a hard luck in managing all the aspects of your life including things, people and time? Are you already in that phase where the crisis over task completion leaves you stressed and demoralized? So trying to just fix these glitches, we present 10 most common mistakes which are the one to ignore.

1. A lack of to-do list

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This crazy feeling that you get about missing out on things which endlessly ends up in you missing out the important tasks can be pretty oblivious. Well, a perfect solution for this would be to make a to-do list which is sorted based on their priorities. You can keep a diary or make a memo on your phone or anything that might help you with this. An important step would be to break a large task into actionable tasks.

2. Forgetting to set Personal Goals

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 Are you lacking to make plans and setting goals for you regarding where you want to see yourself in the next 6 months or the next 10 years? As a challenge, you can set personal goals against time as per your efficiency and visions that you have for yourself in order to meet them.

3. Forgetting to Prioritize

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As stated before, the entire process of managing tasks doesn't end with marking what all things do you need to do but also prioritizing work as per its importance and relevance. It might get difficult especially when you are facing a flood of seemingly urgent tasks.

4. An error in managing distractions 

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Either it is that Facebook , Netflix, Twitter or Instragram, it has its own hazard to waste one's time on these things that was else borrowed to carry out the daily busy schedules. These interruptions should be effectively managed no matter where it comes from: internal or external world.

5. Procrastination, an evil sent by the fallen angel

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Procrastination happens to be a genuine problem and one of the biggest reasons for it is the big pile of work ahead of you. In order to overcome that, a big task can be broken into manageable steps and you can complete your project in small chunks. These action plans are necessary in order to come up with a solution of procrastination.

6. Failing to take a stand for you

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Do you fall in the category of people who take it really long to say ‘no’ to people? And if you always end up in situations with too many tasks on your plate, this might lead into a poor performance and might deteriorate your confidence levels. This is why you should carry out only that much of tasks which you can easily accomplish.

7. Getting A Rush From The “Busy”

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Not saying that you might be one of them but there are definitely a whole lot of people who are in love with the rush of last day work. Not exactly love, but the rush that one gets with hugely piled up work. The problem with this addiction is that the race to the end line induces stress and reduces your efficiency. Step back, take a deep breath and look at things from a larger perspective.

8.  The Word of Danger, “Multitask”

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No matter where you are, multi-tasking jobs are never recommended. This is because your mind splits into two frames and ultimately you cannot focus on either one wholly and there is a sudden downfall of your efficiency. Instead, in order to see thorough results in the end, you should focus entirely on the tasks in your plate.

9. Skipping Breaks While Working

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Works and breaks should go hand in hand in order to perfectly bring your mind at place and focus on the task assigned to you. Taking short breaks while you are working helps you to relax your mind and energizes you to restart your work with a clearer perspective. Try not being an overworked machine and don't forget to have a life other than that of your work.

10. Ineffective Scheduling Tasks

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Try to know yourself, whether you are good at working at the crack of the dawn or during the late hours of the night. Whatever might be the time, try to schedule your tasks depending on the same. This shall help you to divide your task effectively.

So, let's get avoid these simple tips to avoid mistakes that you were making.