70 Much Required Personal Values

70 Much Required Personal Values

70 Much Required Personal Values

Having personal values in your life is extremely important as adapting them to your life, makes you a better person.

Here are 70 such personal values which everyone should follow in their lives.


1. Authenticity

You should always have authenticity in your life.

2. Authority

The proper balance of authority should be maintained.

3. Beauty

You should always see beauty in everything God made.

4. Challenge

You should always be ready to face varied hurdles in life.

5. Competency

The spirit of competency is extremely important.

6. Curiosity

Curiosity leads to becoming successful.

7. Faith

Always have faith in yourself.

8. Fun

Seek fun in everything you do.

9. Honesty

An honest person never fails.

10. Inner Harmony

You should always have inner harmony.



11. Knowledge

Knowledge will help you forever.

12. Love

Always have love and mercy for everyone.

13. Openness

Never hide your truth feelings.

14. Pleasure

Seek pleasure in whatever you get.

15. Recognition

Recognize the people who are good for you and who are bad.

16. Respect

Respect everyone.

17. Self-Respect

Never lose self-respect.

18. Stability

Always have stability in your work as well as life.

19. Trustworthiness

Make yourself a better person so that everyone can trust you.

20. Achievement

Achieve success through your hard work.

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21. Adventure

Seek for adventure every day.

22. Gratitude

Always express gratitude to everyone.

23. Boldness

Be bold towards your rigid decisions.

24. Citizenship

Be a good citizen of the country.

25. Contribution

Always contribute to charity and other helpful purposes.

26. Determination

Have high determination in your passion.

27. Fame

If you will work hard and stay focused, then you will be famous soon.

28. Growth

Be mature enough to understand the purpose of your life.

29. Humor

Never lose humor.

30. Justice

Always seek justice.

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31. Leadership

Be a legendary leader.

32. Loyalty

Stay loyal forever.

33. Optimism

Always stay positive and seek hope.

34. Regularity

Always have regularity in the tasks you are doing.

35. Religion

Respect all the religions.

36. Responsibility

Be responsible for all the things you do.

37. Service

Do all the service you possess with full dedication.

38. Success

Be capable and successful will follow you.

39. Wealth

Think yourself as wealth magnet.

40. Politeness

Never lose your politeness.

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41. Balance

Stay balanced in your life.

42. Serenity

Show grace everywhere.


Stay dedicated to your work.

44. Compassion

Do the things you are compassionate about.

45. Community

Being in a community will make you better in relationships.

46. Creativity

Be a creative person.

47. Fairness

Always seek for fairness.

48. Friendships

Always stay loyal to your friends.

49. Happiness

Stay happy from your heart.

50. Influence

Influence other through your achievements.

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51. Kindness

Always show kindness.

52. Learning

Never stop learning.

53. Meaningful Work

Do the work which has a positive meaning.

54. Peace

Never lose the inner peace.

55. Popularity

Stay popular but not arrogant.

56. Reputation

Never lose your reputation.

57. Security

Secure everything precious to you.

58. Spirituality

Be spiritual.

59. Status

Work hard for high status.

60. Wisdom

Seek wisdom in life.

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61. Hope

Stay hopeful.

62. Loyalty

Always stay loyal.

63. Competitiveness

Be competitive.

64. Simplicity

Stay simple.

65. Generous

Always stay generous.

66. Helpful

Always help others.

67. Forgiveness

Forgive everyone.

68. Truthfulness

Stay honest.

69. Calm

Always stay calm.

70. Braveness

Always stay brave.


Implementing these personal values in your life will escalate the positivity in you.