7 Steps of Goal Setting

7 Steps of Goal Setting

7 Steps of Goal Setting

Everyone desires to live a happy, prosperous and successful life. The people who are highly successful have one thing in common i.e. the goal setting. It is an important criterion while you work hard for achieving success.

If you are unable to set your goals in a perfect manner; then achieving success will be a path full of varied hurdles. To make it simpler for you, here are 7 steps towards goal setting.

Step 1: Identification of the Goal

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The first thing you need to do is to identify your goal. This step is extremely important as every other step is related to it. You need to ask your heart; what it desires to be the most. And what is it's passion? The answer will be your goal. So, after sufficient analysis; set up a rigid goal.

Step 2: Write Down your Goals

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Now; after the effective identification of your goal, you need to write each and everything down; without forgetting anything. It is very important to elaborate each section while writing it down so that the explanation process can also become simpler.

Step 3: Set a Deadline for it


After the above two steps; you need to set up a deadline for achieving the goal. Announce the deadline for everyone working with you, so that they also work by it. After setting this deadline, you need to work on it by arranging all the tasks accordingly.

Step 4: Identify the Resources that can assist


The resources such as the people who can help you, the groups which can assist you, etc. should be identified. You need to take assistance with these listed out people. They may also be helpful for achieving the goals.

Step 5: List the Merits gained from the Goal

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Make a list of which you should mention all the achievements and benefits of the goal. This is very important for the motivation process as well as the encouragement process.

Step 6: Develop Skills for the achievement of the goal and take action


Now that you know all the factors related to your goal; then you should improve your skills in such a way that will help you out in achieving your goal. It is an extremely important step.

Step 7: Work every day to achieve your desired goal

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Now; you need to work hard on a regular basis for achieving the goal. The regularity and dedication will make your task easier.

Following these magical steps will make you achieve your goal in the specified time. You can be successful in life if you follow everything with effective planning and implement it with perfection.