Signs of a Spiritual Awakening

Signs of a Spiritual Awakening

Signs of a Spiritual Awakening

1. You have transcended the notion of separation.

you have transcended

You feel a deep sense of oneness with the Universe and all living things. You act according to the golden rule, “treating others as you who like to be treated”.

2. You meditate regularly.

you meditate regularly

It is in these quiet moments of stillness you experience insight and love. You discover your true self, which is beyond the ego.

3. You live in the fullness of your truth.

you live in the fullness of your truth

You feel free to express who you really are, in your own unique way. You are in awareness of judgment, but are unaffected by it. You are living a life of your own design.

4. You know that your choices as a consumer have an impact on the Earth.

you know that your choices

You are conscious of your individual contribution and act accordingly. You understand the nature of cause and effect.

5. You listen to your body.

you listen to your body

You know when you need to take a break, or even just a deep breath. You mindfully pause throughout your day.

6. You are not in a rush.

you are not in a rush

You realize deeply that everything will be accomplished. It will all come together in its own way, at its own time. You will arrive when you arrive.

7. You’ve given up the struggle.

youve given up the struggle

At your core you know that your life was meant to be enjoyed to the fullest. You take the risk to book the trip, go on the date, or buy the shoes. You follow your heart because your life was meant to be experienced with joy.

8. You’ve surrendered to the Divine mystery.

youve surrendered to the divine mystery

You’ve relinquished the need to analyze the happenings of your life – the mysterious way in which the story unfolds. You know that rejections are always coyly disguised as blissful redirections. Everything is happening just as it should.

9. You have accepted yourself for who you are.

you have accepted yourself

Your flaws are amazing tapestries on the quilt of your life. You love them because they make you, you.

10. You have accepted others for who they are.

you have accepted others

You maintain a deep tolerance for the behavior of others, knowing that their story is far different from yours. You see the holistic picture of their life and respect their journey, decisions, and expression of their own individual truth.

11. You are aware of what you consume and how it got to you.

you are aware of what you consume

You eat and drink mindfully, respecting your body and its needs. You give thanks for the abundance in your life.

12. You create.

you create

You take the time to follow your interests, to tap into your longings, to listen to your soul. You create from the heart.

13. You are mindful of synchronicities.

you are mindful of synchronicities

You pay attention to life’s coincidences. You don’t brush them off. You take notice. You investigate. You heed the call. You follow the trail and the signs. You are excited to do so, for you know you are being led.

14. You’ve taken a “less is more” approach to life.

approach to life

oYou have decluttered your home, your closet, your garage, your inbox, your shoe collection, and more. You know that ridding yourself of material possessions makes you feel great! Liberated, free, and ready for new and better material abundance to flow in. You shop for quality over quantity.

15. You’re interested in natural healing modalities.

healing modalities

You educate yourself on healthy foods, you prefer organic produce, and you research natural medicines, treatments, and are open to new forms of thought when it comes to your body.

At Löv we believe tea drinking, simple as it may be, is a ritualistic time to exhale, reflect, to allow closures, beginnings and transitions to emerge out of silence.