Positive Affirmations for Children

Positive Affirmations for Children

Positive Affirmations for Children

Positive affirmations are positive word of mouth spoken by elders to help their children come out of their tendency to limit themselves from doing things which they are capable of doing. Children usually, love to hear their loved ones talking high about them. This will help them to build self-confidence even at a young age.

This will help the children to stay away from fear. This will improve their overall performance and be  brave children. As parents, we should mould our children's future. The way we converse and give inputs to them make them  courageous or  shatter their self-confidence

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We can use positive affirmations to bring positive results in our kids. Make them think they are great and can do whatever is expected of them. You should not tell them that they can do something because they are not dullards. Instead, tell them they are an amazing piece of creation by God. Whenever they feel like saying they are annoyed or they are worn out, make them say they feel annoyed or worn out. This is a better way to teach them positive affirmations.

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Play positive affirmations game. Prepare cards having positive affirmations. Make them read one card a day. Thus, these things get stuck to their mind. This is an easier way to teach them good things. Why don't you make them listen to affirmative rhymes? This will make the learning process easy and fascinating. If your child is too much eager to learn to read and write, then make them write some positive words and help them understand the meaning of those words. Just like we say prayers to God repeat them daily. This is an ideal way to help them to be assertive. 

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There are many positive affirmations which you need to tell your children everyday. Affirmations for adults are different from affirmations for children. An adult might say I’ll learn from my mistakes and create an opportunity from it. But it is too much for a child to say. They can understand affirmations which are simple. They are


  1. I am smart enough to be independent.
  2. I have lots of friends.
  3.  I am cheerful.
  4. I am too sweet to be loved.
  5. I am intelligent.
  6. I love learning new things.
  7. I learn a lot from my homework.
  8. I love to respect elders.
  9. I am a reservoir of new ideas.
  10. I love to listen to others before talking.
  11. Dreams take us to heights.
  12. Strong desire makes us to achieve things.
  13. Just like I love myself, I like others too.
  14. I love to help my fellow beings whenever they are in need.
  15. I am lucky to get lovely parents.
  16. I make my parents happy.

In short, positive affirmations are a few positive sentences which make children feel enlightened all the time. Feed your children’s mind with these statements one by one. First make them understand the meaning before making them learn these statements. This will help them to o overcome negative thoughts and be successful.