6 Reasons You Don’t Need an MBA

6 Reasons You Don’t Need an MBA

6 Reasons You Don’t Need an MBA

An MBA is a degree that is much sought after and a perfect essential to start big in a company. However in real world it is the experience that matters and not only the education part. Therefore there is a different school of thought that has taken birth which believes that not all who aspire big need to be MBAs.

One can be a leader even without it and there are many practical examples to endorse this. Let us see 6 reasons why you don’t need an MBA.

Time Is the Key Element


When it comes to an MBA time plays a major role and when one does not have the time one cannot pursue an MBA. So this time could otherwise be utilised to receive credits that get the degree. It could be a major hurdle but most MBA programs need a two year commitment. If one were to enroll in a part time MBA program one can accommodate any work schedule and the degree would only take longer to complete. 

 Financial Stumbling Blocks

financial stumbling blocks

When it comes to an MBA program there are many who really cannot afford it. A good traditional MBA could cost around $40,000 per year and these are the normal ones. If one needs to get out of a prestigious institution then it could be even more expensive. So one has to focus on the quality of degree achieved therefore money is a criteria why many do not opt for the MBA program.

The Subjects May Not Be Interesting


MBA is a topic that covers all fields from technology to regular everyday stuff. This is something that might not interest all. There are many who may not be interested to know everything about everything, thus making MBA a tedious subject to deal with. The outsourcing as well as globalization only makes sure that the topics of MBA are not within reach. This could be a reason why MBA may not be opted by many.

Hands on Experience Vs Academics

customer service

It remains to be seen how well one can handle stuff and so it is the hands on experience that gains over always. Academics is necessary and it is theroritical. However actual business requires one to be adept with customer service and catering to their requirements. This is the reason many feel it is better to be without an MBA and gain practical experience.

Conceptual Application

business concepts

There are many who come out of school and have theories of how things should be. But the real ideas come from regular practice and skills. These are sure not necessarily from a business curriculum thus making the concept of MBA seem very bookish and the  regular experience very probable. Business concepts like sales,marketing and HR are all terms in the normal world but when experienced one is able to distinguish between them.

MBA is Not The End All of Knowledge


There is no particular way to knowledge. An MBA could get as much knowledge as someone on the field.  However it is the educational prowess that matters and this could either be academic or practical. Normally when a person is practically experienced that is an advantage in terms of experience. Thus an MBA is an additional qualification but the practicality of the experience is enough reason why you don’t need an MBA.

Ultimately it is all about achieving the motive and the purpose with efficient management. This is possible if one is able to distinguish between the variety of systems that work and interact with each other.