The Best Remote Jobs and Where to Find Them

The Best Remote Jobs and Where to Find Them

The Best Remote Jobs and Where to Find Them

As more organizations are looking to switch to remote work setups, this has led to an increase of job seekers looking to work remotely whether it be freelance or a full-time job. The number is only projected to increase in the next decade as companies look to cut down on operational costs as well as workers looking for convenient yet stable job opportunities. Listed below are the best remote jobs for both fresh graduates and experienced job seekers as well as the job search platforms where applicants can easily apply:    

The Jobs:

1. Writer or copy editor

A writing or copy editing position is a job that doesn’t require an English or literature degree. As long as you speak and write fluent English (or even hail from an English speaking country for that matter), then you a good chance of getting hired for a writing or copy editing job. But it should also be noted that being a copy editor requires a certain level of experience since technical skill is involved. 

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Proofreading can be very tedious work especially if it involves editing dozens of pages or articles every day. When it comes to annual salary, writers or editors with zero working experience earn between $50,000 to $52,000 per year. 

If you were active in making school reports in high school or college, then you have an advantage against other applicants. If you’re previously interested in literature, writing poems, short stories, or song lyrics during your spare time, then a writing job is certainly something you should consider even if your actual work may not entail writing poems or other literary pieces. 

2. Customer service representative

Customer service jobs are some of the fastest and most accessible entry level online jobs that fresh graduates can apply for. This is because companies, mostly business outsourcing firms, are hiring the whole year round and mostly don’t require applicants to possess specific technical skills or a lengthy professional background. What these companies do require is strong communication skills since the job entails talking to existing clients and prospective ones for the entire shift. 

Communication skills are something that one can develop over time with the right amount of training. Thankfully, outsourcing companies provide intensive training (training which also involves the use of communication software) for applicants to allow for an easy transition once they start talking to actual clients. 

Being a customer service representative (which often includes handling data entry work) may not a job that appeals to many, but it can be a great take-off point to a successful career since it greatly develops one’s verbal and written communication skills as well as training when it comes to the use of various communication and customer relationship management (CRM) software. Fresh graduates can expect to earn around $40,000 per year when working at this job. 

Companies that hire writers and copy editors usually cater to clients with publishing or website content needs. You also should be aware that search engine optimization (SEO) is now an integral part when creating online content but it shouldn’t stop you from sending an application since it’s not a requirement from most companies. 

3. Online sales executive

It’s not surprising that salespeople are oftentimes polarizing. But despite their aggressive and forceful nature, salespeople (also called sales executives or representatives) are some of the most successful professionals around, earning as much as $300,000 per year in the United States. The salary may even be higher for some companies offering higher salary and commission packages for their employees.

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An online sales executive is no different from a traditional sales executive. Compared to traditional sales executives, online salespeople do their pitches remotely whether it be through phone or video conferencing platforms. Most deals are also accomplished remotely resulting in limited to even zero face-to-face meetings with clients. 

Similar to customer service reps, sales executives rely on communication skills to get the job done. Persuasion, confidence, and empathy are also skills that one should possess to be successful in sales work.

4. Teacher or tutor

Working as a teacher can also be an enticing offer for would-be remote workers. It’s not only schools that hire teachers, teaching assistants, or tutors but also companies offering educational services. Although schools require professional licenses from their teachers, a good number of companies do not, especially when it comes to tutoring jobs. There are numerous entry level remote jobs in teaching available online so you can easily pick out which job interests you the most. 

But remember when applying for a specific job, make sure to be knowledgeable on the subject you will planning on teaching. Don’t be surprised if you don’t get hired for a biology or algebra teaching job if you don’t have any knowledge regarding the said subjects. 

Aside from being knowledgeable on the subjects you will be teaching, strong communication skills are also needed since you will be interacting with another person for your online lessons. Even if you possess knowledge that other teachers do not but lack the ability to relay or share that knowledge to learners, then it still makes you an ineffective teacher or tutor. The average annual salary of an educator in the U.S. (license or no license) falls between $40,000 to $60,000.  

5. Accountant

If you have an accounting degree and a CPA license, then being a full-time accountant is a no-brainer. But if even if you don’t have a license, you can still work as an accountant as long as you have a business background. There are numerous companies offering remote jobs for recent graduates with or without accounting backgrounds. 

If you are determined to build an accounting career, you can still accomplish it by working in numerous finance roles fresh off graduation. You may even get lucky and be offered a scholarship if you are a consistent performer in the company. Accountants with no experience can earn $71,000 per year; $95,000 annually if he/she possesses at least five years of experience.  

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Remember that being an accountant entails detailed and meticulous work. An accountant and/or a bookkeeper take charge of the company’s finances including the funds coming in from sales, funds dispersed to pay for overhead costs, and funds invested for possible business expansion. 

Aside from this, not all companies rely on the same accounting practices since not all do business in the same industry or cater to the same customers. Also, understanding the financial backbone of the organization you will be working with is essential for you to be effective on the job.      

6. Financial analyst

Looking for another business-related job that doesn’t involve accounting or keeping? Consider applying for a financial analyst position. Companies specializing in providing financial services are always on the lookout for financial analysts that can work with their clients and stakeholders long-term.

Being a financial analyst is a job that isn’t only great for fresh graduates but also for individuals looking for stability (i.e. some of the best remote jobs for graduate students) not to mention that the high pay that comes with being a full-time analyst (up to $90,000 per year). 

The job of a remote financial analyst doesn’t differ from an analyst working in a physical office. Some of the common tasks for this job include building mathematical models, analyzing data, and preparing reports, but there are also specific tasks that may be worked on depending on the employer. 

Very much like an accountant, being a financial analyst can be a complex job and it involves analyzing and creating solutions to maintain or improve the organization's financial condition. And if you’re working for a large corporation, the work will be multiplied tenfold. 

The Job Search Platforms:

1. LinkedIn

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Considered as the best job portal around, LinkedIn is a tool that you can keep handy wherever you go. It searches job listings found exclusively on business websites. LinkedIn is even integrated into other social media platforms which makes it easier for you to find a job anytime and anywhere. 

2. Payscale

Before saying yes to any job offer, a job seeker should know about the salary package as well as other benefits that come with the job. Payscale links individuals to businesses with the largest salary packages in the world. Additionally, Payscale also lets you compare profiles of different companies. 

3. JobCompass 

JobCompass helps you to find job vacancies within a five-mile radius from your home and up to 100 miles depending on your location. JobCompass provides you the best jobs near your area with a database of more than two million job listings. Much like the other apps, JobCompass is available in web browsers and in mobile. 


This job board site provides you an overview of thousands of application systems available to you from popular employers. Through, an applicant can easily apply for a job with a particular company without any hassle. Detailed information of the company is also listed so that job seekers can get an idea of what they are applying for. 

5. GoodJob

GoodJob is a paid app that allows you to keep a record of your job search, tasks and events. It also helps to track your followups for interviews and other job search related activities. GoodJob tremendously helps you save time and energy. 


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Sometimes people miss the opportunity of grabbing an attractive job just because of being unaware of when the certain company is hiring or taking interviews. Getting there first is a most important thing. HIDDEN will help you with these issues. This recruitment app (mostly focusing on tech jobs) filters through the hiring process in print media or through social media and will send you real-time updates on the job/s you are applying for.  

In Closing

The time has gone and passed when people used to spend several hours finding jobs in a newspaper or by going to offices and leaving their respective resumes at office lobbies. Today, people can easily apply for any job with a few clicks of a mouse or few taps on a smartphone

Specifically, smartphones are no longer just devices for taking good pictures or playing games but can also give an opportunity for you to land your dream job. Jobs searching tools which are often integrated into social media platforms makes it easy for everyone to the jobs they want. Aside from that, technology is also contributing to the job hunting process not just job seekers but also for employers looking to hire the best talent around.