5 Steps to Living your Dream

5 Steps to Living your Dream

5 Steps to Living your Dream

Lots of people talk about living their dream and the good news is that for most ‘dreams’ that is perfectly possible. Of course people have very different dreams, some seek a more fulfilling relationship, others a better work life balance, or greater financial freedom. But whatever the dream, there are steps you can take right now to begin to move closer to that life you dream about.

1. Set Your Intention

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Anything that you do - arranging a holiday, taking a course, or applying for a job, it begins with an intention. It’s when you determine to do something. So the first step on the road to your dreams is to set an intention. Decide what it is you really want. There may be lots of things but then think what is the top priority right now. For example if you want to have greater financial freedom but are in debt the first step may be to get yourself to a position where you are debt free. Identify your top priority and set an intention - some people like to write it down, tell someone, or even put it on a vision board. The important thing is that you make a conscious, determined, decision - a specific intention.

2. Visualise That Future

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Once you have set your intention then you need to harness the power of thought and start thinking about how your life would be if that state you intended could be realised. Now it’s time to get even more specific - if you dream of meeting an ideal partner - what qualities would they have, if you dream of a better home what would it be like. It’s fun but it’s important - paint that mental picture in as much detail as you can.

3. Get In Touch With The Emotions


When you have painted a colourful picture of how life would be (and this needs to be done repeatedly -perhaps in a time of meditation each day, or maybe before you fall asleep) then try to summon up the emotions you would feel if that was indeed how your life was. How would it feel to know you had no debts, or to have a home that was better for your family, or to be in a fulfilling relationship or job? Really tune in to your emotional self and capture those feelings. This has a powerful impact not only on your conscious thoughts but on your unconscious mind which will begin to work hard to bring that about and if you believe in the laws of attraction in that state the universe will be helping too.

4. Believe It Can Happen

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If you do all that but then wake up each day and allow your mind to fill with thoughts of

‘It’ll never happen’

‘I’ll always be alone’

‘I’ll always struggle with money’

‘Good things don’t happen to me’

‘It’s others that get the nice houses not me’

Then it will be no surprise that it probably won’t happen. If this keeps on happening to you then you need to think through and rid yourself of the mind sets, that can and will effectively stop you from having the life you want.

5.Take Action

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If you understand the laws of attraction then you will know that while the universe is a place of abundance, and you can attract good things into your life - you do have a part to play in creating that life. Learn to trust your judgements, be prepared to take action, perhaps applying for a job or seeking advice form a financial expert. You need not only to do the mental work in terms of setting an intention, visualising your future, tuning in to the emotions of that future and harnessing the power of your mind - but then you need to actively seek out that future you desire. You may well find that the a few things fall helpfully into your lap but it’s also ok to go out and find them.

When you get your mind set right it is easy to not only see the possibilities but find the strength you need to follow through on these and actually move into living your dream.