10 Must Have Interpersonal Skills

10 Must Have Interpersonal Skills

10 Must Have Interpersonal Skills

Interpersonal skills are related to the emotional intelligence quotient of a person. These days not only technical skills are required, but a cluster of skills are required such as self-confidence, verbal communication, body posture, attitude, personal habits, optimism and personality traits which define our relationships with people we met in the organization.

Before entering into any organization, a person should possess good interpersonal skills. Interpersonal skills are very important if you want to compete another person and climb the ladder of an organization.

Below mentioned are few skills that a person must possess:

1. Self Confidence

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Your confidence assures you to be the best person for a particular job. If you are updated enough about the company and its profile that they are offering, then definitely you are prepared and no one can throw you out. A recruiter can ask any tricky question leaving you in a struggle to answer it right. Your Confidence is the only thing that leaves a good first impression and brings that particular job to you.

2. Positive Attitude

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Motivation comes from inside only when your mental health gives you strength to do well. So positivity should be with you from the starting during the whole process.

3. Communication

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The most important interpersonal skill includes the ability to read, write, listen, and speak clearly.The ability to communicate is the most important factor that is seen during an interview in any organization to make you promotable than any education, ambition or hard work. The recruiter gets impressed more by your communication skills.

4. Problem Solving and Critical Thinking

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Companies look for people who can solve problems easily at any stage and are big picture thinkers. This skill is required in an employer many times while working on a project in an organization to solve problems immediately.

5. Time Management Skills

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Developing right strategies are very important for managing time to balance the demands of today’s time for study, earning money, family, leisure and job. Time management is one of the most valuable skills that one should aim at.

6. Coping with Pressure

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Some organizations have work where demand comes at the last minute and targets are so high that need to be achieved on time which creates pressure into one’s mind. Coping with pressure and fulfilling demand of a company is very essential.

7. Flexibility

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The demand of flexible working arrangement and the flexible study methods has increased in recent years. People demand more of flexibility in every area of working.

8. Strong Professionalism

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Work ethic and professionalism is more in demand for an organization. Earlier people used to have great work ethics and punctuality and dedication to work. But these days young workers lack those skills.

9. Team Player

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You should possess qualities of a team player to work in a culturally diverse environment and with people of different thinking. Ability to work at a place where you should think beyond the area of expertise and take leadership roles where ever needed and who can demonstrate big picture thinking are considered to be the asset of any organization.

10. Ability to Accept Constructive Feedback

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The ability to accept the negative feedback and your reaction towards it makes you impressive in the other’s eyes. One should accept constructive feedback and work on it so as to make a better and graceful character.

All these traits are very crucial to get a job of your dreams. These skills can be developed by getting along with some professional people and improvise yourself at every stage of life.