How Introversion is Developed Over Time

How Introversion is Developed Over Time

How Introversion is Developed Over Time

You've always known at least one person back in high school who would sit at the back of the room and say almost nothing for the entire school year. Or probably you have been that one guy or girl who sits at the back of the classroom and never says anything for the entire school year. Whatever your stance is, Introverts exist.

They enjoy the company of their thoughts and prefer to listen rather than speak, they tend to be shy and have only a few close friends. What if I told you introversion is developed over time, it does not burst out of the ground fully grown and it is nurtured until it becomes what it is most people are familiar with.

1. Low Self Esteem

low self esteem

Introversion can be created by the people around you as you grow up. Your belief of your own capabilities and strenghts is a powerful enabler of extrovertive behavior, on the other hand, if people around you are doubtful, you yourself could become doubtful. Over time that doubt is developed into shyness, a major sign of being an introvert.

2. Humiliation


A traumatic experience such as humiliation, or sometimes even something worse, can cause a person to become weary around others. Over time, with repeated cases (in extreme cases one time is enough) they may develop a subconscious habit or even a conscious choice to minimalize conversation and company of others in fear of being judged, fear of being humiliated and fear of something happening again.

3. Insufficient Knowledge on Socialization

insufficient knowledge on socialization

Not being taught how to make friends. Sounds pretty tragic, but there are cases where a person is an introvert because they never learned how to socialize and make friends with other people. The process is slow, they may try to learn for their own but fail, in time, they may become introverts.

4. Heavy Thoughts

heavy thoughts

People who enjoy thinking heavy thoughts are usually introverts. That's where the link is made. Over time due to enjoying profound thoughts, one chooses to lessen contact with others and focus on their thoughts. You can also apply this to workaholics, spending much working instead of socializing with their co-workers.

5. Financial Differences

financial differneces

There are times when money can get in the way of socialization. Differences in social class, money to spend on trips and dinners can make someone avoid social events and become more introvertive.

6. Becoming a Habit

becoming habit

All of the past examples don't make you an introvert quickly, this one is no exception. Introverts are the way they are because they got used to it after being rejected, socially awkward or simply because they could not find the will or the means to socialize with other people. Years of being the same put the shell around them and gave them the branding of Introvert.

Being an introvert is not all bad. By the way, I myself am one. As an introvert, you have more time to spend on yourself and your needs, you have more time to think profound thoughts, and the few friends you do have are the most loyal ones. Being an introvert is developed over time,  I hope this article helped you find out if you are on the path to introversion.