If You Can't Get Rid Of Procrastination, Let it Be the Positive Version

If You Can't Get Rid Of Procrastination, Let it Be the Positive Version

If You Can't Get Rid Of Procrastination, Let it Be the Positive Version

Procrastination, we all get caught doing it at one time or the other. It may be difficult to avoid, it may be really difficult to look at your mountain of tasks and not at least be a little scared to begin.

Well even though that may be the case, researchers have found that there can be a positive type of procrastination. One that, if done correctly, can actually be quite beneficial to you. So, if you can't get rid of procrastination, let it be the positive version.

1. Use It

write an article

Procrastination is incredibly difficult to avoid, however, that probably won't stop you from finding a way to use it for your own personal gain. You can feel the urge to procrastinate, but instead of watching tv, go read a book, write an article online, things that are actually worthwhile. Yes, you may be losing out on whatever deadline you may need to meet, but you got some stuff done. Procrastination can be an ally if used correctly.

2. Improve Your Project

come up with anew plan

While procrastinating, you don't rush, you take things easy. Well.. until you reach that last crucial minute where you're dashing around trying desperately to finish. In that time, you can use it to come up with ideas, make plans and try to better your main task even before you actually start doing it.

3. Procrastinate Smartly

work on small tasks

While procrastinating, do it strategically. Make a priority list. A list where you put your primary task at the top and list other tasks which you wish to accomplish as well. If you're procrastinating, you're probably going to avoid the big main task. But working on these smaller tasks will help you gradually work up the courage to face the trials ahead. Completing these smaller tasks will elevate you to higher levels of happiness.

4. Ask Friends

ask friends

Procrastinating, you can find yourself in social media or engage in random conversations. In situations like this, you can use this time to gather second opinions, gather more information, share your goals for the project and see what they think about it. Asking friends will get you ready to actually start by giving you the nerve you need to start and then finish the main task successfully.

5. Use Procrastination in Nibbles

procrastination in nibbles

You can make procrastination positive by taking it in small doses in between doing your main task. A painter could begin an artwork and then immediately go out and have some coffee. While out, she sees a beautiful scenery and wishes to add it to her painting. The end result is that the painting ends up becoming much better than it could have been otherwise. The lesson here is that you should take breaks in between doing your main task. While procrastinating, make sure you keep your eye out for things that could help you better, help you improve the task you are working on.

Procrastination can be the bane of our very existence, it could lead to poor productivity. However if you can't stop yourself, try making the negative positive. These are only a few of the ways you can use procrastination to your advantage. Maybe you could come up with some? Nah I'm sure you'd just procrastinate that as well.