Inspiring Story of Arnold Schwarzenegger

Inspiring Story of Arnold Schwarzenegger

Inspiring Story of Arnold Schwarzenegger

The name that needs no introduction, Arnold Schwarzenegger, has inspired many with his trending and thought-provoking contemporary strategies for success. His life and career have been standing inspiration to millions.

A lot of inspirational stories just inspire; however, some make for a fascinating story - Arnold Schwarzenegger for one. So how did Arnold accomplish what he desired? What did he do differently? These are some of the questions that will be answered with the below 3 Mantras, the Arnold Swarzhenegger theories for success:

1. Be a Visionary

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Vision that Inspires

With time and age, one does fall to the left overs of life. Arnold rightly correlated this with childhood. He insisted on maintaining his optimistic nature and imagination during childhood. He says that if one decides to avoid the traps of age-related crisis, they have to keep dreaming. 

“Let your imaginations take you where you really want to be”. He believed in being a visionary for himself. He imagined a life without failure, where freedom and accomplishments complemented each other.

2. Convert your Thoughts to Actions


Build Positive Thoughts

He says – “Once you have set a picture for you, no matter how weird it may seem initially it sure has something for you in store, start working toward it. Take baby steps but be consistent in whatever you do.”

For instance, Arnold’s working schedule starts at 5 am ‘calf-raises with 1000 lbs.’ Despite the fact that it was one of the most strenuous activities, he said that the bright side was that he was one step closer towards his goal, especially when the whole world is sound asleep.

“You need to question yourself as to what you want to do and how you are going to do it”

What would be your plans? How you are planning to address the obstacles?

3. Persistence

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Arnold says – “If you are obstinate enough to let your imaginations and vision flow, there is absolutely no point of quitting, just because the path leading to success becomes uneven.

While people tend to get easily motivated, they fail to understand the importance of persistence. A little obstacle is enough for them to back out. This is not how it has to be. You have to start believing and Motivate Yourself, your dreams and your vision above all things. You have to realize that eventually YOU WILL get there no matter how hard the road is or how hard you are being hit.

Who would have thought, an average Hollywood actor one day would lead the state as the Governor of California, be a Hollywood superstar and a living textbook for body building freaks.Different people have different perspective on success. While some feel that ONLY hard work leads to success, others are of the view that a planned amalgamation of positive attitude, hard work and patience leads to success.

Here's a tricky part, a strong conviction and transparent intuition is what it requires to follow of path of your own dreams - a path only you have created. And for whom? For yourself only”. (Stop Punishing Yourself)

Once you start believing in yourself and your visions, there is absolutely no doubt even for a moment that you will fail. If you feel your dreams are out of reality, a Uranus moon, think of a young boy from an Austrian village, who turned out to be 7-time World Heavyweight champion in body building, a Hollywood heartthrob and Governor of California.