Disappointments and Their Importance

Disappointments and Their Importance

Disappointments and Their Importance

You get disappointed when you fail to reach a goal, lose money, someone close to you treats you badly, lose your job or sustain a loss in business. Disappointments, both small and big dominate our lives but most often we feel worried because we think other people don’t face it. More often disappointment leads to sadness, anxiety, loneliness, depression and loss of hope in life. New research has helped scientists to understand disappointment better and that there is nothing wrong with it.

Disappointments arise because you have expectations and goals in life. You expect to achieve a career goal, you expect someone to behave in a particular way or you expect to have a fortune. Most often it is not the disappointment that is to be blamed but your attitude towards it.

Here are 7 reasons why disappointments are important

1. Disappointments Make You Realistic

disappointment makes you realistic

You may have failed to achieve a sales target because perhaps, it was unrealistic or your path wasn’t right. You may have overestimated your friend to help you in crisis or a bad weather has ruined your crop or business. Such unexpected events help us become more realistic about our lives.

2. Disappointments Arise Out of Your Expectations

disappointments comes out of expectations

Our life is built on hopes and expectations. It is true that some days are not favorable for us while we achieve more on some days. Without the desire for a positive outcome on our actions, our desire to live or do any activity will be compromised.

3. You Can Appreciate Light Only If You Have Seen Darkness

disappointment tells value of success

Just as night follows the day, flowers bloom and fall, autumn follows spring, in life, disappointment follows happiness and joy. Therefore, religious teachings and philosophy tell its followers to understand and accept life in whatever way it presents itself.

4. Disappointment is not Associated with Events, People or Things

disappointments with people

Most often we tend to equate disappointments with people, events or things. What happens to you is beyond your control but you can control your responses to it. 

5. Your Disappointment is an Indicator

disappointment is an indicator

If you often feel disappointed, it is an indicator of your attitude to life. It is also an indicator that you haven’t worked hard to attain a goal or to achieve something. In Olympics or in business, you may not achieve a goal because your preparations and ground work aren't sufficient or the competition is tough. 

6. Disappointment Happens Only to Passionate People

disappointment happens to passionate

People who are indifferent and don’t have any aim in career or life may not love to do anything. They hardly try and therefore there will not be any disappointment in their lives. On the other hand, those who genuinely try to achieve something will face disappointments, but that will only encourage them to achieve more.

7. Helps You Know Your Limitations

helps to know your limitations

Human beings, technology, and science have their limitations. However hard you try, the results may not be up to your expectations. A top ranking tennis player may be eliminated in the first round of a major tournament or an unexpected injury can ruin the prospect of any leading athlete, disappointments let us know about our limitations as humans.

Disappointments are a part of life. The rich, the poor, the average person, no one is immune to it. If you want to be free from disappointments, you have to remain idle or without any goals in life. Progress and growth can happen only when we set objectives and goals to achieve in life. Failure to achieve or unexpected setbacks shouldn’t pull us back.