How to Know If You are Lonely?

How to Know If You are Lonely?

How to Know If You are Lonely?

Loneliness is a situation where you feel isolated and cut off from the society. You feel empty, withdrawn and helpless. You can feel lonely even when you are in groups or in gatherings as you are unable to connect with anyone. It is not physical isolation that makes you lonely, but mental isolation. However hard you try, there could be times when you feel lonely.

Just as you deal with other emotions such as anger, anxiety, worries, loneliness can also be managed effectively so that it doesn’t kill your happiness and sense of well-being. Much of the factors that cause loneliness are beyond your control but you can control your response to them.

Here are 7 signs that you are lonely

1. Most Often You Talk to Yourself

you talk to yourself

If you have the habit of talking to yourself more often, then you are likely to be lonely. It comes out of a need to talk to someone about the problems and solutions you have in hand. It is sometimes a relief to talk to yourself but if you are doing it often, it means you are lonely.

2. Spend More Time Bathing and Watching TV

watching tv

When something is troubling you or you are upset and don’t have anyone to share your concern with, you spend more time in the shower not knowing the gallons of water that has already gone done the drain. You may watch TV channels with more of fictional content to drift your thoughts and feelings away.

3. You are Likely to Spend More Time in Social Media

you are more on social networks

If you feel lonely, instead of pressing the remote button, you may reach out on the mobile or laptop and start chatting with friends or putting posts on Facebook, Twitter or Whatsapp. Most often, you may not have seen people you are chatting with or posting comments to.

4. You Turn Over in Bed Several Times

you sleep more

Being unable to get sound sleep, you could turn over several times in bed. You may feel hungry or thirsty but more of uneasiness or restlessness. The lesser you sleep, the more tired you will be for the next day’s activities. You may yawn, close your eyes several times but still not get any sleep.

5. You may go for Walks Alone

you walk alone

If you are lonely, you may feel like taking a walk in the nearby park or stadium avoiding exposure to people. You may listen to music or talk to yourself to avoid the boredom associated with being lonely. Or you may visit fairs or exhibitions just to while away time and not to buy anything.

6. You may Eat More and Exercise Less

you eat more

If you are lonely, you may eat more of your favourite food or just about anything you can lay your hands on, especially fried food and snacks. They can give temporary relief but add to your bulge. They will make you unhealthy.

7. You may Blame Yourself for not being OK

you balme yourself

The whole world is against you and there is no one to turn to. If you feel you are not alright and there is something wrong with you all the time, you are lonely.

Loneliness can manifest itself in different ways in your life- it could be due to a loss of job, breakup of marriage or loss of money in speculation or it could be due to lack of challenges in life. You could get upset over minor things as you have no one to turn to.