How do Introverts become Successful Entrepreneurs?

How do Introverts become Successful Entrepreneurs?

How do Introverts become Successful Entrepreneurs?

When you hear the word introvert, the first image that comes to your mind is that of someone who is docile, shy, not very confident of being in a crowd and definitely not someone who could be a leader or become an entrepreneur!

Entrepreneurs are supposed to be charismatic and commanding, take charge of an entire venture on their shoulders, be able to lead and guide their employees, be well adept at convincing and impressing their clients and investors and of course, be good at networking! So, when you think of all these qualities needed to be an entrepreneur, an introvert is not at all someone who would fit the image of a successful entrepreneur. But introverts have proven us wrong, time and again. Such as Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Larry Page to name a few.


If you are an introvert or know any close friend or family who is introverts, you will agree that they are passionate and focused. Because they do not mingle as easily in a crowd and mostly keep to themselves, they are churning a burning passion within. One major advantage of being an introvert is that you are comfortable spending time by yourself, which is many a time difficult for extroverts. So, when you are comfortable being on your own for long periods of time, it gives you the time to process and ponder over and come up with creative and unique ideas that turn into successful entrepreneurial ventures!

So, what is it that these introverts do that makes them so successful, maybe sometimes more so than their counterparts

1. They Rely on Themselves

they rely on themselves

For an extrovert, it is difficult to spend time away from people and that is one major reason why they rely on others for affirmations and solutions. They draw energy from people around and at times, this leads them to lose focus and increases their dependability on external sources. In the case of an introvert, they rely on themselves. The ability to spend time alone gives them the edge of paving a pathway for their business which is charted after a long time spent thinking and weighing the pros and cons of each decision, and that helps them to become successful entrepreneurs. Introverts are also long-term thinkers. They think before making any move and don’t get demotivated easily by short-term failures.

2. They are Better Listeners

they are better listers

Introverts are often reprimanded and chided for being quiet, shy and keeping to themselves. But it is this very quality that makes them good listeners! They usually observe and listen and when they do speak, it is often thoughtful. Active listening helps entrepreneurs to build good relationships and come up with solutions before a problem goes out of hand.

3. They don’t Want to be the Centre of Attention and are Empathetic

they dont want center of attention

By nature, introverts don’t crave to be the center of attention , which is why it becomes easier for them to stay calm and focused and not get distracted by success or failure easily. They work for themselves and for the passion they have towards their idea and venture, which is why it is easier for them to deal with failures and also take into consideration the ideas and opinions of others. They use emotional intelligence as their biggest tool to success, which is the capacity to be aware of, control and express one’s emotions and to handle interpersonal relationships judiciously and empathetically. Emotional intelligence is the key to both personal and professional success.

Introverts are humble and don’t get carried away by success or failure. If you are an introvert, you can still strive and work towards becoming a successful entrepreneur by focusing on your strengths and shine in the glory of success.