No Time to Work for Myself is The Biggest Lie You Tell Yourself

No Time to Work for Myself is The Biggest Lie You Tell Yourself

No Time to Work for Myself is The Biggest Lie You Tell Yourself

Everyone has days when they feel like procrastinating. When it comes to achieving your goals or starting that personal business, procrastination can truly be your worst enemy.

Here are a few ways that can stop the procrastination and turn it into productivity. We hope that you will take these to heart and get busy achieving your goals and aspirations. After all, who is going to take care of you if you won't?

1. There isn't Time If You don't make It

no time if u dont

Most of the time when we say there is no time to do the things that we want to do, it is actually our faults. Think about it. You make the time for the things that you find most important. That date you want to go on, getting some delicious ice cream to enjoy on the beach; often when we aren't getting things done is because we would rather complain then admit to ourselves that these things are important or really not that important to us. If you want it, go get it! Make the time if it is important to you.

2. Set Yourself a Schedule and See How much Time You Really Have

make a schedule

Okay, so you have decided that certain things are important to you after all but you still don't believe that you have the time. Set a schedule and see how much time you really have in a week. You might be surprised when you lay out the hours of the week on a spreadsheet, day planner, or scheduling app, just how much time you really have available. Don't just say you don't have the time for things. Put it on a paper or digitize your week and see what you really have to work with. We think that you might be surprised.

3. Get Up an Hour Earlier Every Morning or Go to Bed an Hour Later at Night

wakeup early

Getting up just an hour earlier or going to bed just one hour later gives you 7 more hours of productivity in a week. That's almost a full working day! Yes, we are including weekends there, and you don't have to do that but how much does one hour of your Saturday or Sunday really bother you? You have things to accomplish. A little sacrifice now can lead to more leisure time and more choices in your future!

4. Less TV Time, More 'For Me' Time

have time for yourself

Television is another time-eater. Many times you are just filling time and not even paying attention to the shows. Why not use on-demand type services so that you are only watching the shows that are really important to you? If this is still eating too much of your time, you might even consider taking a week off from those shows. After all, you can always focus on your goals and list the important ones at the end of the month when you have accomplished what you were planning. The shows will wait but your success depends on what you do now!

5. Mark a Calendar so that You never Forget a Deadline

make a calender

Get yourself a large calendar and mark important deadlines with a large red 'X' so that if you are putting things off, you will at least know exactly how long you have before you will need to stop procrastinating and start getting busy! You might also find when you lay out your goals with a 28-31 day view, you can fill more time with them than you had anticipated previously. Make your goals visible and they are easier to achieve.

We hope that you will use these tips in order to maximize your productivity and to help ensure that you are getting things done at the pace that your future plans require. Remember that having 'no time to work for myself' is the biggest lie you can tell yourself. Follow these steps and you will believe!