Richest Swimmers

Richest Swimmers

Richest Swimmers

Have you ever thought of earning money to make your body fit? Well swimming is one such exercise that keeps your body fit and you can also earn by participating in the swimming competitions at national and international levels.

Let us now talk about the people richest swimmers who earned through their swimming talent.

1. Michael Phelps - $55 Million 


Michael Phelps is a former American Olympic swimmer. Phelps has won 18 medals in his career out of which 8 are gold.  He has 39 world records to his name and also is a part of many endorsements’ Louis Vuitton, Visa and many more.

2. Mark Spitz - $20 Million

mark spitz

Mark Spitz was the most dominant swimmer in 60s and 70s. He has seven world records in to his name. He won 9 Olympic Gold, One silver and one bronze medal.

3. Ryan Lochte - $13 Million


Ryan Lochte is a professional American swimmer. He has 5 Olympic gold medals, 3 Silver and 3 bronze medals to his name. He even has famous award like American Swimmer of the year to his name.

4. Ian Thorpe - $12 Million


Ian Thorpe is the most successful Australian swimmer. He is known as one of the best swimmers in the world. His name was titled as the World Swimmer of the year four times. He retired in 2006 but came back in 2011. He is equally famous for his rivalry with Michael Phelps.

5. Diana Nyad - $10 Million


Diana Nyad is not only a swimmer but also a journalist and a author. She swam from Bahamas to Florida and set a world record in 1979. She later retired from swimming due to her health issues.