5 Tips to Retain Employee Happiness in the Workplace

5 Tips to Retain Employee Happiness in the Workplace

5 Tips to Retain Employee Happiness in the Workplace

If you are running a company, whether it a small business or a large corporation, you should know that employees are the most important aspect of your operations, and keeping them happy should always be your top priority. Without qualified and competent workers, you won’t be able to run your business properly and you’ll be facing bankruptcy sooner or later. Here are five tips to help you retain employee happiness in the workplace: 

1. Offer a better compensation package

Salary is the most important factor why employees work for a certain company. Offering a compensation package based on industry standards or a package that is higher than what other companies are offering should be your utmost priority especially to deserving employees. Don’t just give out an enticing salary offer at the beginning of the employee’s tenure but make pay raises every six to 12 months. 

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When it comes to employee recognition, nothing frustrates an employee more than working with the same salary for years with no increase in sight. This situation can easily cause employees to leave your company by droves. Of course, handing out salary increases is easier said than done since you still have other operational expenses to worry about (e.g. raw material, supplier, and utility costs). 

One option is to create a timetable where employees can expect an increase and inform them immediately at the start of their tenure if they are agreeable with your salary policies. By making them aware, employees can get a clear picture of how their salaries will work throughout their entire tenure with the company. As for job applicants, it will also help them decide if they pursue to work in your company or not. Alternatively, you can also opt for a productivity-based salary increase but this is not helpful for tenured employees who may experience a drop in productivity every now and then.      

2. Run a rewards program

Aside from offering a competitive salary package, you can also run a rewards program which tremendously helps with the job satisfaction of every employee in the organization. A rewards program doesn’t have to cost you a lot as you can organize these programs once a quarter or twice a year. As for the rewards you’ll be giving out, cash incentives are the most obvious but you can also go with essential items such as electronics, appliances, and food. 

When it comes to offering home essentials as awards, you can pick out equipment that employees can use for their work or even for their homes. Computer accessories such as headphones and web cameras as well as electronics such as tablets, power banks, and air humidifiers/purifiers are great options you can go with. When making a purchase, don’t forget to look for affordable deals as this will save you a lot of money. 

A rewards program is beneficial for the overall employee experience so don’t make it hard for them to obtain company rewards. Make sure everyone has an equal opportunity to get whatever rewards you're offering. The more who are given the chance to participate the lesser the likelihood of employees being disgruntled.   

3. Tidy up the office

Even with high salaries, employee retention can be a big problem if your office is never clean. No salary is enough to keep an employee from staying if the environment they’re working in is dirty and disorganized. Employees also have the right to report to you to local authorities if you never get your office cleaned on a regular basis.   

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Hire a janitor to clean your office every single day. If you’re renting an office space, you can also ask the janitor from the building you’re renting to clean your office as well. You may be paying extra for a full-time cleaner but the costs are worth it if you want to maintain the cleanliness of your office premises for the entire workweek. Just make sure the belongings of your employees are secured so that possible theft is prevented. The office may be clean but employees will be furious if they found out that some of their valued staff are gone.     

4. Get rid of toxic employees

Every successful business has a few bad eggs but it doesn’t have to apply to your company if you get the chance. Toxic employees can be a huge issue as they don’t just physically or verbally harass employees but also find excuses to never accomplish the tasks assigned to them. This creates a problematic work environment where people lose all sorts of motivation. When your best people lose motivation, they won’t hesitate to leave your company even if they are earning high salaries. 

Getting rid of toxic employees may be tricky especially when these employees have been working in your company for years. But a strong will is required if you want to maintain a conducive work environment where everyone respects each other on a professional level. Dismissing toxic workers may be tough now, but the hard decision will be beneficial for your business in the long run. 

You don’t want to be the company that has a high employee turnover rate, receiving numerous resignation letters in a month and letting go of productive and qualified people. That is the reason why you should make employee engagement a priority and never hesitate to let go of people who are only there to stir up trouble. 

5. Ensure safety and security of employees

Purchasing lockers isn’t the only way to ensure the safety and security of your employees. Among the other things you should do is get a first aid kit, purchase and update employee equipment, have a stable electric and water supply, and implement daily breaks. Even though these activities don’t pertain to actual productivity, they are still important to the health and wellness of everyone in the organization.

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Although job security is important, employees will leave your company in a hurry if they feel safety is compromised. Make sure policies relating to employee welfare are detailed and well-planned before you start implementing them in the office. Additionally, you can also conduct surveys to get insightful comments and suggestions from employees. You can use these comments to continually improve company policies.     

Final thoughts

Running a successful company isn’t just about customer satisfaction as well as maximizing revenue and minimizing costs. You also need to take care of your employees and keeping them happy should be your main priority at all times.