7 Steps to Concrete Happiness

7 Steps to Concrete Happiness

7 Steps to Concrete Happiness

Happiness. Don’t you ever wonder what does happiness mean. For some, it might come in the form of passing an exam or landing that dream job in a corporate or marrying a person of their choice. For some, it might mean paying off all the debts or even travelling around the world.

Even though the definition of happiness might differ for each one of us, the one thing common is that in the quest to attain happiness, people tread unknown paths or take journeys they end up regretting. It is important to understand that small steps, small achievements on a regular basis lead towards fulfillment which can in turn make you happy. Here are 7 ways one can adopt towards leading a more fulfilled and happier life.

1. Connect with Yourself

connect with yourself

Often we are so consumed by proving our worth and being a part of the rat race that we forget who we truly are. Beneath the tag of a good son, a good husband, a good father and a great manager, we do not know who we are. We stop investing in ourselves. The most important investment is investment in thyself! Take out time for your mental and physical well-being.

2. Stop Drawing Comparisons with Others

dont compare

Its human nature to never be satisfied with who we are or what we have. We constantly look around and feel underachieved and dissatisfied. And when we do that, we can never be happy. It’s important to understand everyone is on their own unique journey. There will always be someone more good looking, richer, successful than you. You have what someone else doesn’t. It’s essential that you focus on your life and embrace your achievements along with your limitations to live a more fulfilling and happier life.

3. Spend Time in Nature

spend time in nature

In this fast paced life, we have forgotten the many blessings bestowed upon us by Mother Nature. The fresh air, the scenic beauty and its huge impact on our mental and physical well-being. According to experts, spending just about 20 minutes a day in nature boosts our vitality levels to a significant extent. It also boosts our energy levels and helps combat depression and anxiety.

4. Learn to Let Go and Forgive

learn to forgive

Life is not a bed of roses. Sometimes you experience boundless joy and sometimes you are engulfed by limitless despair in the form of being hurt by a close friend or a family member. But it’s important to understand that the more you hold onto a grudge or hurt, the more likely you are to remain unhappy. To be happy, it’s important that you forgive and let go, no matter how difficult it might seem, because you are doing it for your own well-being.

5. Everything is Temporary

everything is temporary

Nothing in life is permanent, not even the life we are blessed with. If it's broad daylight right now, after a few hours it’s going to get dark. Neither will a sad moment last forever nor will you remain happy forever. So, learn to live each moment as it comes, for nothing will last forever.

6. Set Realistic, Achievable, Short Term Goals

set goals

We all grow up dreaming of becoming a doctor or an actor or a sailor or fulfilling our parents’ wishes. In the quest to fulfill those dreams or goals, we tend to be harsh on ourselves. To be happy, set short term, realistic goals for yourselves. You could divide your goal plan into 2 major time-frames: long term and short term.

Chart out short term plans that lead to your long term goal. Achievement of short term goals is always easy to map and feels more rewarding and will motivate you to keep going. For example, if you wish to lose 20kgs, start by setting a short term goal of losing 3 kgs every month and before you know, you would be close to reaching your long term goal of shedding those extra 20kgs!

7. Do Things that You Love

learn something you love

At some point or the other in life, we have all been told that selfishness is not a virtue. But to be happy, it is important that you be selfish and take out time to do things you love. May be that dance or art class that you have always wanted to take up or cooking up a delicious meal for your family on a weekend or tending to the garden once a week. Whatever it might be that you love, set aside 2-3 hours to indulge in it every week.

It’s important to understand that your happiness is in your hands. If you rely on others to add happiness to your life, you will always be disappointed. Accept people and situations for what they are. Don’t push yourself or others beyond a point in the quest to attain happiness. Be grateful, mindful and just learn to embrace life as it comes along. And you will automatically feel happier and more content in life.