7 Myths about Happiness That You didn't Know

7 Myths about Happiness That You didn't Know

7 Myths about Happiness That You didn't Know

Happiness is about moments, however, the events unfold. Living the life at the moment is one of the major sources of happiness. There are many events or happenings in life that are truly the harbingers of happiness, but we must avoid certain myths about happiness to do better for ourselves and our near and dear ones.

1. Happiness from Marriage

happiness from marriage

We tend to believe that marriage will bring happiness and we'll be able to build our perfect dream world and live the life of fantasies. However, it isn't ideal to base our happiness over an event that's not entirely in our hands and that hasn't seen the test of reality.

2. Happiness from Child

happiness from child

Marriages often get awry after the honeymoon period is over. Therefore, some couples tend to put their happiness in events such as having a child. However, if the couple isn't already close, chances are that the presence of a child will make them further apart because it is an added responsibility. Also, they might hurt the child's happiness and future in their marital disputes.

3. Happiness from Job

happiness from job

Happiness from job is a myth that every student goes through; they tend to believe that it is important to get a job to attain happiness. However, a job isn't the be-all and end-all in life. There are often more important events in life, and fixing one's happiness to a job is not going to help in the long run.

4. Happiness from Money

happinesss from money

Money doesn't buy happiness. Despite several claims against it, if fixing one's happiness is based on the money one is going to attain at a certain point of life, it is only delaying life by that very period. Earning money depends on hard work and passion- about enjoying what one does. If you aren't happy in the first place, it will be hard to earn money. The second important aspect is that money is dependent on plenty of external factors.

5. Too Old to be Happy

too old for happy

Happiness isn't dependent on age. So if someone thinks they're too old to be happy and they're too late in achieving their dreams, they need to stop thinking and start working. Plenty of great people have defied age, and so can you. Go out and rock the world.

6. Happiness from Children's Settlement

happiness from children settlmnt

Some of the parents tend to link their happiness on their child's success, marriage, kids, and so on. It is not ideal to do so because apart from them, even the child can feel tensed and this may affect him or her in the process.

7. Happiness from Getting Fit

happiness from fitness

One look at Dr. Stephen Hawking and you know physical fitness isn't important if the mind is fit and joyful and there are enough dreams burning your heart. We simply can't put our happiness to getting a 100% fitness, or attaining a physique, and so on- because some factors aren't in our control.