Tips to Defeat Self-Consciousness

Tips to Defeat Self-Consciousness

Tips to Defeat Self-Consciousness

You are sometimes pulled back from doing something new or afraid to take up a challenge worrying about what others will think of you. Sometimes, the feeling that you are constantly watched by others can wreck your life. You may become too shy, inward looking and withdraw into yourself avoiding social gatherings. It may have something to do with your looks, ability to communicate with others, knowledge, achievements, finances and feeling of being inferior to others. It may come as a result of trying to be perfect in what you do.

Self-consciousness has its roots in a feeling of insecurity, lack of confidence and your ability to get things done or communicate confidently. Or it could also come from being unhappy with your looks and appearance.

Here are 7 ways to overcome self-consciousness

1. People are Bothered about Themselves than Others

dont bother about others

Many a time, we overthink that others are watching every action of ours or the words we utter. Nothing is farther from truth. There might be a slight spot or stain on your cloth but if you constantly try to invite the attention of others by trying to cover up, others will notice. Else, they may overlook.

2. Avoid Perfectionism

avoid perfectionism

Nobody is perfect in this world and to err is human. In inter-personal conversations or public speaking, you may mispronounce a word or sometimes find it hard to get the right word to describe something. There is no reason to be embarrassed or ashamed about it.

3. Avoid Comparison with Others

avoid comparision with others

When you compare yourself with others on dressing, style of talking, appearance and achievements, you may feel small and too self-conscious to speak or act. Take pride in yourself for what you are are, whatever you have achieved or whatever progress you are making.

4. Focus on What You are Doing and not Yourself

focus on what you do

When talking or doing something, focus on what you are doing. In conversations, try to listen carefully to what is being said or told to you, forget your looks or stature. When you are in a running competition, focus on the finishing line and not on other runners.

5. Write Positive Affirmations

write positive affirmatios

Something becomes a habit when it is done for thirty days. Write positive affirmations showing your gratefulness for whatever you have received, inherited or achieved. Then start writing about the weaknesses that you want to overcome, ‘I am self-confident now and I am grateful to the infinite intelligence for achieving it’..

6. Identify Your Short Comings and Try to Change Them

identify shortcomings

If dress or appearance is causing you discomfort or lack of confidence in facing people, try to make small changes. Making changes in dress, appearance and fitness need not be an expensive affair. It is most often the right fit that matters more than the price of a service or product.

7. Seek Professional Help

seek proffessional help

Trained clinical psychologists or therapists can help you identify the situations which make you self-conscious and can give suggestions on overcoming them. When your weaknesses are dealt with step-by-step in a professional manner, results could be fast and encouraging.

Many talented people fail to achieve success just because they are worrying about what other people may think. Such people fail to speak up when they get an opportunity. They worry too much about their looks and appearance, and doubt their knowledge and skills. They may also think about the consequences of a word or action- the feeling of shame or guilt if you go wrong prevents you from taking new challenges.