10 Lessons to Learn from SnapChat Founder Evan Spiegel

10 Lessons to Learn from SnapChat Founder Evan Spiegel

10 Lessons to Learn from SnapChat Founder Evan Spiegel

SnapChat founder Evan Spiegel is a famous man now. However, in 2012, he had dropped out of his college when he was only slightly short of a few credits off his graduation. Yet, his decision, may not haunt him, because he is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world.

1. Follow Your Good Soul

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In a graduation ceremony where he was the chief guest, Spiegel called out students to follow their good soul. He instigated them to listen to what their heart told them to and follow that instead of taking on someone else’s advice.

2. Break Conformity

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He talks about breaking conformity. It is so easy to conform to the standards the society around us follows, but it is so important to break the same and find our real self and be truly unique.

3. It’s not about the Degree

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You can get a degree or not, it is what you are passionate about and work hard for that you will ultimately achieve. Even with a degree, you may not achieve anything substantial, and even without a degree, you may reach heights like Evan Spiegel and Mark Zuckerberg.

4. You’ll Make Mistakes, Accept, Apologize, Move On

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It is imperative that you’ll make mistakes. When you know, you’ve made a mistake, be it long after you actually did it, try to accept it, apologize for it, and move on. It is not worth denying it because it humbles you down when you own up your mistakes.

5. Own up the Negatives and Work On

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While the generation is criticized as the 'me' generation, Spiegel suggests to accept that and try to own up to the shortcomings and actually change the world.

6. Consider Every Idea

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Since there are chances you’ll fail a lot, make a lot of mistakes, to become successful you need to try a lot too. It is best to consider every idea, think about it, and go on working to implement it. There’s no point in closing any idea without due deliberation.

7. Don’t be ‘Standard’

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Don’t be like everybody else around, if you are a different individual, work on being and showcasing yourself as unique and work hard to be far away from ‘standard’, and towards the ‘special’ list.

8. Work Hard

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There’s no substitute for hard work. Whether it is studies, if you think they’ll take you somewhere, or it is the business idea that needs finesse and work, perfect them.

9. Life isn’t Fair

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He was born to rich parents, and he isn’t rags to riches story. So, life isn’t fair, but you’ve got to manage with what you have.

10. Do You Want to Create or be a Labor to Creation?

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This answer will determine if you could become successful as an entrepreneur or you could just manage a back-end job and work towards someone else’s dream.

Evan Spiegel is someone the young generation looks up to, and he has achieved this by working hard, and ignoring most of the common rules of society.