10 Things to Not Waste Your Money On

10 Things to Not Waste Your Money On

10 Things to Not Waste Your Money On

There are many occasions in life where people feel that they have not spent their money wisely. Mostly people buy things without realizing its long term use and end up spending unnecessarily. They don’t focus on their requirement and a few wrong habits leads them to incurring excessive expenditures. A little wiser decisions and a few right habits can make you save a handsome amount. You need to avoid spending your money on these things. Here are a few such expenses and habits listed that can be helpful to you.

Expensive Clothing


You have to realize that the most expensive clothes in your wardrobe are the least used. You are more likely to use the lower priced clothing for everyday use and rarely use the expensive clothes. This is something you can easily avoid.

Expensive Cars and Bikes


If you just want to travel from home to the office, there is no need to buy an expensive vehicle to commute. Every vehicle does the same job and in today's traffic, it is needless to say that you will be traveling at a very slow speed.

Shopping for freebies


Most people fall into this trap and end up buying unwanted things. Do not get attracted to the freebies offered in sales and focus on what you actually want to buy.

Smoking and Alcohol


This is a serious waste of your hard earned money. You not only pay for buying these things, but will also have to spend money later on your health care due to the ill effects caused by excessive smoking and drinking alcohol.

Credit Card Interest


You have to be wise enough to use your credit card only for replacing cash and not abuse the credit period. The credit card companies charge the highest interest rates and you should make sure that you clear the dues within the credit period.

Expensive Birthday Parties


Focus more on getting good wishes from your near and dear ones than organizing a lavish party on your birthday. You can pool that money and spend on a worthy cause or charity, which will give you more satisfaction in the long run.



Many people end up buying every new gadget that arrives in the market. Remember that they will get out-dated very soon and you have to be careful while choosing your gadgets. Buy them only if you plan to use them for a long time.

Eating at Expensive Restaurants


It is okay to do this once in a while, but if you are eating at a restaurant every day, it does not make much sense. You are not only spending more money, but also risking your health by not eating home cooked meals.



You must not spend a lot of money on the lottery and other gambling activities. Very few people in the world will be lucky enough to get a fortune in a lottery and most probably you will be losing a lot of money in these activities.

Speedy Shipping


There is no need to get your package few days early. You will be spending a lot of extra money on this useless activity. Wait for a few days and try to get free shipping as far as possible.

Just by following these simple guidelines, you will be using your money in a smart way.