Advantages and Disadvantages of Being Born Rich

Advantages and Disadvantages of Being Born Rich

Advantages and Disadvantages of Being Born Rich

Being born rich is certainly a privilege. It provides a person with status, power, better opportunities, and good education. Healthy moral and personal values of an individual are mostly dependent upon the upbringing. When wealth and a good upbringing go hand in hand, a person can be molded into a well balanced strong individual.

Children who are born rich develop a sense of social and financial superiority. Wealth is certainly a great blessing but when it becomes self-absorbing, it hinders personal growth on a spiritual level and also as a human.

Below are a few advantages and disadvantages of being born rich


downsides of being born rich

1. Targets of Jealousy

Children born rich are usually targets of jealousy. They never get credit for their success. Their success is attributed to being born in a rich family.

2. Under-Achievers

Having too much of everything can undermine personal dreams. People who are born rich  do not go through the rich experience of working their way right from the bottom to the top as they are already on the top. The flipside of being on the top straight away is that the privileged child craves for the need to work hard for personal achievements.

3. Not Allowed to Complain

Another downside of being born rich is that you are not allowed to complain about anything. You cannot show your frustrations or needs in front of the public eye.

4. Self-Doubt

The downside stretches to your family and friends too. You are never sure whether people are being nice to you because they really do like you or they are nice to you because you are rich. You get caught constantly in this self-doubt.

5. High Familial Expectations

Rich kids can withhold their own aspirations as they feel guilty and do not want others to label them as overindulgent. The pressure of success is exceedingly high for those born rich as familial expectations are quite higher than normal.


advantages of being rich

1. Financial Freedom

The perks of being born rich are that you never have to worry about money. You do not have to worry about losing a job or home, or about raising your kids.

2. Freedom to Pursue What You Desire

Money provides you instant gratification. For a child born into  a wealthy family, things magically appear with or without his own efforts. Family wealth removes all those frustrating obstacles that others will have to cope and accept.

3. Money Brings You Fame

People worship people who are rich. Once a person born rich has this realization, he starts using his riches to make himself feel good about himself. In turn, the individual can also give back to the society through donations, philanthropic acts and community service.

4. Money Buys Access

Having money automatically brings you power and access to anywhere you desire to be. Whether it’s a top university or the hottest club of the moment, having familial wealth will be the only ticket you ever need.

5. Money Can Affect Change

Having access to large amounts of wealth means that you will also be able to cause change with the right investment at the right time. Whether it’s changing your life, the life of someone else or even global changes - having money can break cycles and bring about positive results.

Growing up in a privileged environment can both open and close doors. Putting in efforts to develop a career or relationship can be too much work for a person born rich. When the realization sets in that it's not that easy to have a successful career or relationship, where money doesn't count much, he or she might give up easily. Feelings of guilt and shame that arise out of having too many privileges, is something a child of wealth constantly battles with.

Money is not the only measure of success in life.

Money can buy time.

Money can buy fame.

Money can buy power but money can never buy happiness.