7 Steps to Become Super Rich

7 Steps to Become Super Rich

7 Steps to Become Super Rich

It is a fact that everyone is not born with a silver spoon. I wish to be rich but have money, which is just enough to take care of me. But, look at my neighbor! He is filthy rich and enjoys the luxuries of driving an expensive car and living in a big bungalow! Am I very unlucky? Or am I destined to live this life till the end? Do you think I am correct? Not at all!

There are lots of people who were born poor, but have become super rich and famous due to their hard work and maybe a little luck in their favor. Let us discuss the 7 steps to become super rich.

1. Explore the Hidden Talent in You

hidden talent

Everyone has been gifted with something which they may be able to do better than others. I am good at baking cakes, my friend is good at computer programming. Why don't I start a business of baking cakes to making money? Setting up a bakery is not a miserable or a crummy idea at all. The moment you catch on the tricks to set up the business, money starts flowing in. This will fetch you the money and happiness you expected from your life.

2. Persistence


After finding out what you are capable of doing, the next step is to stay focused and start doing the things needed to succeed. It is not enough that you explore your talent and keep working on it for a day or two. You should try harder and that too, continuously. There should be no let up once you start taking steps to achieve your goals. Continuous efforts will help you to succeed in a great way.

3. Whatever Happens, Put the Blame on Yourself

blame on yourself

Always put the blame on yourself for anything bad that happens. Never blame others because they are just facilitators and you are the only person who is responsible for your fate. Don't shift the responsibility on others because it is a mere escapism where you want to turn your face away from the reality. Take your own decisions and hold only yourself responsible for your fate.

4. Live a Normal Life

live a normal life

Until you become super rich, live a normal life. There is no need for unnecessary spending and extravagance at this stage. Don't buy an expensive car or a super costly bungalow now. These things can wait.

5. Try, Try and Try till You Succeed

try till you succeed

You don't sit and dream about something. Try hard before your hopes become a pie in the sky. Work hard and you will realize your dreams one day for sure.

6. Chase Your Dreams and Find Out New Ways of Achieving Them

chase your dreams

There will be different ways to achieve your dreams. Find out what are those multiple ways. Choose the one you think will work out perfectly for you.

7. You should be Invulnerable

you should be invulnerable

You may not be very successful in your very first attempt. Wait for your day. Have the hide of an elephant. Let others laugh at your failure. You must understand that the moment you laugh at yourself, you are a big zero. Turn your face away from those who criticize you. They are jealous of you. Try incessantly. You will be successful one day for sure.