5 Important Things People Learn in the First 3 Minutes of Meeting Someone

5 Important Things People Learn in the First 3 Minutes of Meeting Someone

5 Important Things People Learn in the First 3 Minutes of Meeting Someone

With every new meeting, someone will evaluate you and form his impression about you. It hardly takes a couple of minutes for someone to for form an opinion about you based on various basic criteria’s – like your appearance, mannerism, body language which, are very generic and hold true for every person. Of course, it’s not in your hand to control what people think about you.

At least, you can play you part to get the positive results. To make that killer first impression, learn about out top 5 “First Impression” tips.

1. Proper Appearance

proper appearance

When you are meeting someone for the first time, it’s obvious that your appearance will become the first clue for that person to start making an opinion. Though, this does not mean at all that you should dress like a model. Make sure that you wear proper, neat and clean clothes as per the occasion and pick you accessories very carefully as they speak a lot about you.

2. Be on Time

be on time

Always be 10 minutes early to the meeting place. This shows your positive interest to the person whom you will be meeting. Getting late to an initial meeting even by a minute or two is a strict no. Give yourself that extra time required to make up to the traffic delays and parking problems. The mantra is to be on time always.

3. Maintain a Positive Body Language

maintain a positive body language

Our body language speaks a lot about us. Close to 80 % of our communication is done through our body language. That means people gets an idea about you even before you open your mouth. Use your body language to project appropriate confidence. Stand tall, make a firm handshake and smile. This will make you confident and encourage other people to get more involved and feel at ease.

4. Let Them Talk First

let them talk first

The simplest and easiest of all the way to win other people’s confidence is to let them talk first. By letting this happen you will create an atmosphere of warmth and understanding. If you want to make the trust, let the other person take on the floor first. This way, you can let them know that you understand them and will be able to collect more information about their interest and can get to share more about themselves.

5. Make and Maintain Eye Contact

eye contact

Maintaining eye contact during any conversation is of utter importance. If you are nervous it will be difficult for you to maintain an eye contact. If you are looking here and there during a conversation that straight away tells the other person that you are no more interested in the talks. . So be confident and open during you talk and make a natural eye contact with the other person.

Now that you have learnt about the ways to make that super first impression. So be it an interview or a blind date, do your best to prepare and present yourself. Just make sure to be yourself and be a winner above all.