Most Expensive Gifts In History

Most Expensive Gifts In History

Most Expensive Gifts In History

Gifts are highly regarded as token of love and appreciation. They are very special to the giver and the receiver, as giver pours out love and affection and the receiver gets a wonderful surprise out of it. 

The rich use up their stashed up cash in order to throw surprises to their loved ones by giving expensive gifts. Expensive gifts are sometimes creative and thoughtful but at times they are just an impulsive act on the part of the giver.

Here is the list of top 7 exceptionally expensive gifts ever given in the history:

Bronze Sculpture of Roman Abramovich

bronze sculpture of roman abramovich

The royal sculpture worth $14 billion found its way to the girlfriend of one of the richest names in the world. It is none other than Roman Abramovich’s love interest. She not only received this exorbitantly priced gift but also some of the highly regarded paintings and other gifts worth $ 120 million.

19th Floor at the Burj Khalifa

19th floor at the burj khalifa

Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty was on cloud nine when her husband gave her the most extravagant gift. Raj Kundra, renowned business tycoon in the UK gifted his diva an apartment on the 19th floor of the tallest building ‘Burj Khalifa’ in Dubai. The news quite made the headlines. Well, Love makes the world go around. We bless the couple for their happy life.

Victoria Beckham’s Bag

victoria beckham’s bag

Fashion icon cum singer Victoria Beckham is known for her own independent style. The Posh Spice of the famous pop group Spice Girls received a diamond studded bag worth $ 3 million from her husband and footballer David Beckham. The bag is very rare and carries a 3-carat diamond on the lock. The material is of fine crocodile leather and is a work of art.

The Statue of Liberty

the statue of liberty

The great Statue of Liberty is not only one of the wonders of the world but also a testimony of the friendship between the French and the Americans. The great wonder which stands tall and bold on the shores of New York was a gift to the United States from the folks of France. The 151 feet high Statue that holds the message of Liberty, Justice, and Freedom was designed by renowned designer Bartholdi.

The Taylor Burton Diamond

the taylor burton diamond

Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton were known for their onscreen chemistry. While the actress received many expensive gifts by her erstwhile husband Burton, the best till date was the gift on her 40th birthday. The pear shaped diamond from Cartier was a 69.42 carat stone and was one of the costliest in that era.

$84 Million Yacht


The Ambanis are known for their rich lifestyle and lavish purchases. While Mukesh Ambani surprised all by buying a luxury Airbus to his beloved wife, his younger brother Anil set an example of sorts to the lovers by gifting $84 million Yahct for his wife and Actress Tina Ambani.

King Abdullah’s gift to Obama

king abdullah’s gift to obama

One of the most expensive gifts in recent times is King Abdullah’s gift to President Obama. The gift comprised of gold jewelry, precious gems and stones, and diamonds. The mutual friendship shared by two fabulous men in the world of power was much talked about in the media world.