Famous People Born in 1974

Chinese astrology considers the birth date of a person as the basis of studying his behavior and personality and birth year is considered as the prime factor in this regard. Each year has an animal linked with it and all those who are born in that year are known to possess personality traits similar to that animal. The year 1974 is the year of the tiger and like the tiger, the people born in this year are full of courage and confidence. Here are some famous people born in the year 1974:

Their demeanor is charming and this makes them alluring and loved by those around them. They have the ability to express themselves in a bold manner and also have a streak of competitiveness. Their leadership qualities give them the ability to handle the toughest of situations with great ease.

People born in the year 1974 love to face challenges and would prefer to face them alone rather than with someone’s help. They have authoritative nature and hate taking orders or obeying others. They make healthy individuals and their love for sports is an inborn quality. They hardly succumb to minor ailments and their energy levels are naturally high. Their leadership qualities give them success in a number of careers, like those in fields of management, acting, writing, aviation and advertising.

In relationships, these people tend to occupy a dominant role. Communication skills are exactly not their forte and this makes them bad at social interactions. They are not good at making friends because they can be very stubborn and even dominating. Romance is not their strength and they seek such partners who share their love for adventure.