Beachside Luxury Homes for Sale in the US

Beachside Luxury Homes for Sale in the US

Beachside Luxury Homes for Sale in the US

Luxury Homes near Beachside are a dream; it can be a small cabin or a luxurious resort near the sea. You will imagine yourself strolling along the beaches in swimsuit and relaxing in the beaches. Many Beachside Luxury Homes are available for Sale in the US.

These Beachside Luxury Homes are rather expensive. They have a subtle elegance about themselves. The size, structure and pricing may vary. But they provide the same relaxing environment which makes you want for more.

1. Honolulu Beachfront Paradise for $10 Billion

honolulu beachfront paradise

A beautiful and alluring paradise in itself, this Beachside Home features high ceiling, open kitchen and living area, plenty of cabinet space and a garage to store your vehicles. It suits a beautiful home and a magnetic beachside resort all in one.

2. Laguna Beach Beachside Condo for $ 2.2 Billion

laguna beach beachside condo

This home near the beach has many things to offer – spacious kitchen with storage space, three bed rooms, two bathrooms. With plenty of light that comes through the wall height glass wall facing the ocean, you will feel warm throughout the day. What more do you want from a Beachside Condo.

3. Grand Haven Michigan Home for $ 1.6 Billion

grand haven michigan home

A country home with features like lake front access, four bedrooms, three baths, big parking space and a basement to complete the entire luxury. Enjoy the view of the lake from this rustic home.

4. Oceanfront Southampton NY home for $ 26 Million

oceanfront southampton ny home for $ 26 million

You will never miss you home in this elegant Southampton Beachside Home. Some of features are a master bedroom, five bedrooms, six full bathrooms, inground pool, and hot tub. This home is a mixture of wood and stonework giving it that gorgeous look.

5. Carlsbad San Diego Home for $ 11.4 Million

carlsbad san diego home for $ 11

6. West Yarmouth MA (Cape Cod) Estate for $ 13.9 Million

west yarmouth ma  cape cod  estate for $ 13

7. Lloyd Neck (Long Island) Home for $ 10.8 Million

lioda home

8. Bigfork Montana Home for $ 7.8 Million

bigfork montana home

9. Seacoast New Hampshire Home for $ 1.9 Million

seacoast new hampshire home for $ 1

10. Maine Beachfront Condo for $ 1.1 Million

maine beachfront condo

What more do you want, try to buy one of these luxurious beachside homes that offer you the best in luxury.