Top Ten Luxury Luggage Brands

Top Ten Luxury Luggage Brands

Top Ten Luxury Luggage Brands

Hand bags are a necessity. It’s not only useful to carry personal stuff but it also stands out as a style statement and personality projection. If you feel the same and are as enthusiastic about handbags then this article is just for you. We’ve curated the top ten luxury handbag brands in the world. Go through the list and learn about their speciality and what they stand for.

1. Louise Vuitton

louise vuitton

This brand, being very famous, is also associated with luxury. Established in 1854, it belongs to paris. It has been named as the most luxurious brand since 6 years. The most expensive bag of this brand was sold for $55,000.

2. Hermes


Again a famous brand from Paris, it is famous for high end class products and high quality material. It started its business in 1837. The most expensive bag in this line was Matte Crocodile and was sold for $20,000. The same crocodile version that was studded with diamond was sold for $1,20,000.

3. Mouawad


Headquartered in Dubai, this brand belongs to Geneva. The most expensive bag sold by this brand was 1001 nights. It was studded with diamond and gold and was sold for a very high price of $3.8 million. This bag was also classified in Guinness Book of world records as the most valuable priced bag.

4. Chanel 


Established in 1909, Chanel is a very famous fashion house of France. Many famous celebrities like Nicole Kidman, Keira Knightly etc have been seen holding the bag of this brand. The most expensive bag sold by this brand had the embellishments of diamonds and gold. The price was $2,61,000. You won’t be disappointed by this brand.

5. Fendi


6. Marc Jacobs

marc jacobs

7. Judith Leiber

judith leiber

8. Hilde Palladino

hilde palladino

9. Lana Marks

lana marks

10. Prada


So here you have all the top ten brands in the world in a box. These brand have been holding their position as the top most since a long time, so disappointed by them is not expected. When walking on the road, your hand bag makes for a style statement, and with these brands in the buffet of selection for you, you can bet that you will have a style statement walking along.