World’s Most Valuable Brands of 2016

In this time of cut-throat competition it becomes imperative and vital for any company to market and promote its brand in the most effective and efficiently innovative manner for maximum customers. This has resulted in a multi-billion dollar industry that has given the world some of the best-known brands that are a household name globally. These are international brands providing a wide range of products and services in the most efficient and affordable manner to the customers, hence becoming the most valuable brands of today.

Let us look at the world’s 10 most valuable brands of 2016:

1. Apple - Brand Value : $154.1 B

apple logo

Apple Inc. is by far the most renowned and popular brand name in the world today. This technological giant reported a brand value of around $154.1 billion from annual revenue of around $233.7 billion in this year. Popular mobile phone and computer sellers, Apple spent around $1.8 billion in brand advertising only leading the list of the world’s most valuable brands of 2016.

2. Google - Brand Value : $82.5 B

google logo

Google, the search engine and IT giant, reported a brand value of around $82.5 billion this year from annual revenue for around $68.5 billion, making it the highest amount (in proportion to revenue) spent for brand promotion by a company. It reportedly spent around $3.2 billion in company advertising alone.

3. Microsoft - Brand Value : $72.5 B

microsoft logo

Microsoft, the hardware/software giant from the US, makes it to the 3rd position in this list with an estimated brand value of around $72.5 billion from annual revenue of around $87.6 billion. Microsoft spent an estimated $1.9 billion on brand promotion in 2015-16.

4. Coca-Cola - Brand Value : $58.5 B

coca cola logo

Coca-Cola, the best soft drink makers in the world, is estimated to be around $58.5 billion in terms of brand value. It made around $21.9 billion in brand revenue last year and spent around $4 billion on brand promotion itself, showing an increase of around 4% in its brand value.

5. Facebook - Brand Value : $52.6 B

fb logo

Facebook, the social networking entity, is worth an estimated $52.6 billion with annual revenue of around $17.4 billion. This IT brand reportedly spent around $281 million in advertising and promotion for the brand this year.

6. Toyota - Brand Value : $42.1 B

toyota logo

Toyota, the Japanese carmakers, have a brand value of around $42.1 billion including annual revenue of $17.4 billion, out of which an astonishing $3.6 billion was spent on promotion and advertisements across the world market.

7. IBM - Brand Value : $41.4 B

inm logo

IBM, the tech-giant and legendary IT company, reported a brand worth of around $41.4 billion this year from annual revenue of around $ 81.7 billion. The company also spent around $1.3 billion on brand promotion and marketing worldwide.

8. Disney - Brand Value : $39.5 B

disney logo

Disney, the Hollywood entertainment legend, is reported to be worth around $39.5 billion in brand value. It reported annual revenue of around $28 billion and spent nearly $2.6 billion for global promotion and advertising.

9. McDonald’s - Brand Value : $39.1 B

mcdonalds logo

McDonald’s, the fast-food giant of the US, reported a brand value of around $39.1 billion this year. It reported annual revenue of around $82.7 billion from which around $719 million was spent on promotional activities in the international level.

10. GE - Brand Value : $36.7 B

ge logo

GE, the global leader in mainly electrical products, reported a brand value in the range of $36.7 billion. It also made annual revenue of $92.3 billion out of which an undisclosed amount was spent on brand marketing and promotion worldwide.

These brands make up for the most valuable and popular brands in the world market and have operations in various diversified fields. These brands have steadily made their mark on the international market in their respective fields to accumulate billions in revenue, and more importantly, retain and maintain customer loyalty through excellent products and better services, etc.

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