Exotic Far Away Destinations for Trekking

Exotic Far Away Destinations for Trekking

Exotic Far Away Destinations for Trekking

Trekking is something to be taken once in a lifetime that can make your occasion even more special providing a needed escape from the regular routine life. The amazing plants and the unusual creatures present can give you a breathtaking experience in analyzing the jungle landscapes.

Accompanying a diverse nature with vibrant culture and rich heritage can make you focus on the unusual sights with a fine collection of beautiful scenarios. One must always make a careful research while taking up trekking by carefully selecting the 10 exotic far-away destinations for trekking.

1. Great Smoky Mountains, USA

great smoky mountains,usa

The long mountain ranges and the highest peaks have been regarded as the best ancestral home place of the Great Smoky Mountains, U.S. They has the largest wilderness with a nested cascade waterfall and fantastic mountain ranges that make it be the best place for walkers as they can retrace their path easily.

2. Quebec City, Canada

quebec city, canada

The Quebec City in Canada has been revealing natural and cultural ecosystem giving a blend of sea tide, thus adding a unique experience for the trekkers. Walking in a spectacular coastal path with footpaths across the terraced slopes is found in Cinque Terre, Italy. The full view of the sea and the clear sky overhead can make the walkers enjoy the route.

3. Monteverde Cloud Forest, Costa Rica

monteverdecloud forest, costa rica

The cloud forest of Costa Rica is found near the coastal mountains and is covered by clouds throughout the year. The abundant natural wonders make the trekkers cross through bridges that are suspended high above the forest. The wild sounds and brilliant colors can give a sensory experience with great fun in trekking.

4. Southwest Ireland

southwest ireland

The historic past of southwest Ireland has stone cottages, ancient abbeys, and castles by the side. Small islands and a rich wildlife discovery with full farming culture can give a better sense of the culture.

5. Oregon Trail & Missouri, USA

oregon trail  missouri, usa

The Oregon Trail situated in the Oregon city, Missouri has spectacular mountain views and meadows filled with wildflowers. They are an excellent place for trekkers as the environment of Oregon acts as a culinary bounty in providing rich and fresh fine wines and sweet herbs.

6. Europe


The hidden caves with cobbled pathways to the castle can take you to Crete, which is one of Europe’s earliest civilizations. The deep history of the legends and the natural treasures has been giving a bold and new finds for the travelers. You get the chance to walk into the exotic beauty of the palaces that are of historic importance.

Exploring temples and the elegant fortresses of Bhutan consists of a lot of Buddhist temples and carved wood farmhouses. Also, the unique local cuisine gives a blend of local and rich taste of their tradition. The gorgeous mountain paths that can take you to the hillside walk by exploring the farm fields and their unique culture.

7. Switzerland


The highest breathtaking moment with wide mountain ranges can soar your spirit up in experiencing the serene beauty Switzerland. The alpine landscape with mountain ranges and glaciers gives the urge to stay in your place and enjoy the serene beauty.

8. Nova Scotia, Canada

nova scotia, canada

Finally, the Nova Scotia, Canada leads to Spectacular Park, fishing and rug hooking. You even get the opportunity to set out on the sea for whale watching and walk through the fishing communities too.

Thus, the rise in modern eco-tourism has created natural lovers to enjoy the blooming landscapes with its varied features and exotic culture which can be most appealing for all of the people. With some amount of inspiration and planning, trekking experience could be made well enjoyable by finding the right place to move. The contemporary structures and the lively cities can bring you in contact with different cultural people and their traditional values.