Luxury Cigar Clubs

Luxury Cigar Clubs

Luxury Cigar Clubs

With mid-1990s Cigar Clubs started to gain popularity owning to the ban on public smoking by some institutions. Cigar Clubs are of both kinds allowing cigar as well as cigarettes or just cigars.

Obviously, exclusive cigar clubs are more expensive and high-end. At the height of extravagance and exclusivity, these not only have cigars but also other entertainment options for smokers like pool table, a bar and card tables.  

1. The Garden Pavilion - London

the garden pavilion   london

Located in the Ritz Hotel in London the club has a reputation to draw ultra-affluent guests. Offering the world’s finest cigars, the club is immaculately decorated and also has a vast stretch of garden for its guests.  

2. Grand Havana Room - New York

grand havana room  new york

Situated in heart of Manhattan, this club is for the elites of New York with limited membership with invitation only. With floor to ceiling windows, the club provides great view of the city.

3. Monty Cristo - Dubai

monty cristo   dubai

When it comes to cigars, golfing is not far behind when it comes to wealthy people enjoying sports. Time is well spent here after a golfing session by the hotel guests and otherwise at The Address Montgomerie.

4. Capella Bar and Cigar Lounge - Dusseldorf

capella bar and cigar lounge   dusseldorf

Considered as one of the largest cigar clubs in Europe by many, it has received several awards owing to its larger than life and elegant décor, furniture which is more than comfortable and a long menu for drinks.

5. Library Bar - Dubai

library bar   dubai

6. Club Macanudo - New York

club macanudo  new york

7. Cigar Cloud Nine - Abu Dhabi

cigar cloud nine  abu dhabi

8. Redmoon - Beijing China

redmoon  beijing china

9. Tynska Bar and Books - Prague

tynska bar and books  prague

10. Casa Fuente - Las Vegas

casa fuente  las vegas

If you ever plan to visit a cigar lounge or bar, this list should be referred. These clubs are a must visit to smoke your moolah up in style.