5 Reasons Your Success Doesn’t Depend on Your Talent

5 Reasons Your Success Doesn’t Depend on Your Talent

5 Reasons Your Success Doesn’t Depend on Your Talent

What is success? The definition of success may vary from person to person - whether it is scoring well in an exam or cracking an important interview or buying a house or getting fitter. But there’s one common definition of success and that is – when an intended purpose in attained or accomplished. It’s when you set a goal for yourself – whether short-term or long-term, and go on to make sure that the goal is attained.

But does it really take a special skill or a lot of talent to be successful? Success isn’t entirely dependent on how skillful or talented you are. You may not be very talented in a certain field, say in the field of art, it may not be a talent you were born with, but it doesn’t mean you cannot be successful in that field.

Success isn’t necessarily dependent on your talent. If you are driven by passion, it can most definitely make up for the limited talent you might possess in a certain field. Here’s why your success isn’t dependent on your talent:

1. Talent Doesn’t Always Create Opportunities

talent doesnt create opportunities

You might know a lot of people who constantly criticize others who get a lot of opportunities because of how talented they are. But it is not necessarily their talent that has got them opportunities to be successful. Opportunities aren’t gifts of talent. They are created by your drive and passion for being successful. Opportunities and luck are created by hard work, not by talent. You may be highly talented, but if you lack the passion and aren’t hard working, just your talent will never make you successful.

2. Talent Doesn’t Stop You From Failing

talent doesnt stop you from failing

It is a wrong notion that if you are talented, you will never fail and will attain success in everything that you do. The path to success is charted by failure. If you are determined about being successful at something, failure will never deter you. It will only add to your learnings and experience. And it is these experiences that will determine your success.

3. Talent Doesn’t Build Intuition

talen doesnt build intituion

If you are someone who has never been a bookworm and always felt a step behind the bookworms and toppers in your class, think again. Are all of them successful? Not necessarily. Being book smart will not take you a long way if you are not street smart. Some of the most famous and successful business tycoons have risen up through their sheer smartness and ability to think beyond the prescribed theory.

4. Talent Doesn’t Remove Obstacles

talent doesnt remove obstacles

It is your presence of mind and ability to deal with roadblocks that will help you remove obstacles that come in your way of success. Obstacles are in inevitable at any stage of life- whether you are striving to make it big in the corporate world or in your own business or in your personal life. But just talent won’t guarantee you being able to overcome those obstacles.

5. Talent Doesn't Determine Your Ability in Yourself

talent doestnt determine your ability

While you may be talented, if you do not have faith in yourself and your ability to be successful, you will never be successful. There are a lot of people out there who are not highly talented, but they don’t let the lack of talent determine how successful they can be. If you believe, you can achieve anything; all it needs is dedication, passion and a consistent effort to be successful at it.

Your success is dependent on you and not on how talented you are. Set a goal for yourself, keep at it, learn from your failures and experiences, and keep moving forward. You are sure to attain success. Good luck!