5 Factors Which May Lead Trump to Victory

5 Factors Which May Lead Trump to Victory

5 Factors Which May Lead Trump to Victory

While Donald Trump is in the news for all the wrong reasons, the fact that remains he’s the nominee of the Republicans and has an equal chance to be called POTUS as Hilary Clinton.

Most people argue the chances for him are far less, but it’s an even contest – and his following and campaign have been to increase his chances and it might seem to be working at the moment. Some of the important factors that may help in this are:

1. Brexit

donald trump brexit

Brexit has left the England pretty wounded and broken. But it has been about the way Britons pride themselves in their nationality, and the result is the broken European Union and a struggling England. This also means the campaign of Trump may be for real, which is also based on ultra-nationalism and his tagline reads Make America Great Again. What happened in the United Kingdom is likely to happen in the United States of America.

2. The Male Dominance that Obama Talked About

male dominace in usa

The United States of America, in its long history, hasn’t seen a female POTUS or the President of the United States. Obama questioned Americans to think about it and reflect, recently. The fact that males are supposed to be dominant and are expected to lead despite the credentials of the lady is one of the facts that could come in way of Hilary being the President.

3. The Bernie Sanders Supports

bernie sanders support trump

While Bernie Sanders was in contention for being Democrats candidate for Presidency, it didn’t happen. Sanders supporters aren’t necessarily Democrats supporters – and most of them won’t be voting for Clinton only because they both are democrats. There’s also some hurt people at Sanders’ support for Clinton – who doesn’t stand for or represent the same principles as Bernie Sanders does. This has created an atmosphere of unrest among the supporters who may not be interested in voting at all.

4. The Democrat-Heavy Regions’ History

trump governors

Since 2010, the four upper Great Lakes regions, which are traditionally Democratic, have elected Republican Governors bar one. Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Ohio are the traditionally democratic states who’ve been majorly republican in electing their governor in this decade. This is also the area that Trump is going to leverage on. As of the primaries, Michiganders have given the Republicans more support than the Democrats (1.32 million to 1.19 million), while the Ohio is tied. Clearly, Hilary’s win isn’t as clear as some of the people think it is.

5. The Hilary Clinton Case

hillary clinton case

Hilary Clinton may like to appear as a cleaner candidate as opposed to Donald Trump, but the fact remains her slate isn’t entirely clean. She also has the blotches on her name, which have come into the picture several times via WikiLeaks and other media. Perhaps she’s been framed, and FBI director James Comey cleared her the second time. Yet, in public memory, it is often cleared as quickly as in the law cases. Perhaps it has already done more harm to Hilary and she’s not likely to be the first woman POTUS.

The elections were held on November 8th, and the elections were more open than they were earlier thought, especially with fresh controversies and new cases brewing up every day. Trump isn’t an ideal candidate, but as news reports have proved – neither is Hilary. Taking away the decisiveness of Sanders’ supporters – who don’t like the ideology of either of the people standing, and the other factors including international politics, it will be safe to assume that Donald Trump – arguably the most hated POTUS nominee ever, will be sworn in as the next President of the United States.