11 Ways to Trick Yourself into Falling Asleep

11 Ways to Trick Yourself into Falling Asleep

11 Ways to Trick Yourself into Falling Asleep

Sleep is an unconscious state of the body which helps to relax and regain energy. A person should sleep for specific hours to get the best results. Many people face problem in getting sleep.

How to Fall Asleep Faster

Fall Asleep Before a Big Event

Lack of sufficient sleep can bring up more serious problems in future. However, there are few tricks which can help you fall asleep peacefully.

1. Blink your Eyes

trick 9

This is the simplest and quickest trick. Blink your eyes at a very fast pace. After few minutes, you will feel some stretch over your eyes. Continuous blinking of our eyes makes our mind get tired which ultimately makes us fall asleep.

2. Press Points to Sleep

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Special points in the body will help you to sleep faster. You can press the point between your eyebrows for 20 seconds and repeat twice. You can even place right foot across left knee and press. Still supporting right foot try squeezing your toe gently using your thumb and forefinger.

3. What’s Best for your Sleep?

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There is a specific temperature in which every individual body feels comfortable. For the best result for your sleep, the person must set the temperature to the most suitable one for their individual bodies.

4. Challenge your Body

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Challenge your mind by trying not to sleep. Keep your eyes wide open and try to stay awake as much possible. This also called sleep paradox. The brain at the end gets tired and makes you finally fall asleep.

5. What have you Done the Whole Day?

trick 11

Recall whatever you’ve done the whole day.  Remember all the sights, sounds, activities and conversations you have had the whole day.

6. Rock and Roll

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Close your eyes and roll your balls up three times. This will help you to naturally fall asleep without any side effect.

7. Enter your Wonderlands

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Imagine yourself to be in a peaceful place like sailing in water, tropical areas. This will help to calm down your mind.

8. Physical Efforts

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Lie on your back and take a deep and slow breath and squeeze your toes simultaneously. This helps you in relaxing your body.

9. Vibrate to Sleep

trick 7

Sit in a comfortable position. Loosen your shoulders, relax your jaw and deeply breathe with your nose as much as comfortable. This will make your chest vibrate and help you to get proper sleep.

10. Do some Movements


Do unusual things. Squeeze your cheeks or make some movements. Focus all your attention on the movements.  Your body will get exhausted and you will feel sleepy over time.

11. The Nostril Game

sleep 2

It helps to calm you and reduce your blood pressure. It must be performed when a person is unable to sleep due to overheating. Hold your right nostril with a finger and inhale through your left nostril.

Sleeping is an essential part of our life. This is the only way by which our body could regain energy without making efforts. You must try the above-mentioned tricks if you are facing problem in falling asleep. This will definitely help you out to solve your problem.