20 Best Books to Read in 2016

20 Best Books to Read in 2016

20 Best Books to Read in 2016

Glue yourself to the best books of the year 2016. Snuggle up and dive into the latest releases and enthrall yourself putting your worries and tensions aside. Reading is considered to one of the most effective great stress buster.

Names of some of the best books are mentioned:

1. Rosalie Lightning, A Graphic Memoir- Tom Hart


It is a heart-wrenching story of the love of a father for his daughter. The author depicts the grief of his wife on the death of his daughter, trying to find solace in nature, art and philosophy which shall touch the core of your heart.

2. The Quality of Silence- Rosamund Lupton


Lupton is known for her thrillers exploring relationships between women. This book centers around the mother and her deaf daughter in the bitterness of Alaskan wilderness. They are all alone trying to resolve the mystery of her father’s death.

3.  American Housewife Stories- Hellen llis


This book publishes short, witty and sarcastic stories regarding the modern housewife which brings to light the day to day struggle faced by today’s women in a jovial manner.

4. Don’t Get Caught- Kurt Dinan

final arc cover

This book is about how Max and others plan revenge as they were duped because of having mediocre existence. The book has several aggressive scenes.

5. Before The Fall- Noah Hawley


The boxing skills of Friedrich Weimer help him to get an appointment to a National Political Academy.  It is a German Drama.

6. What is Not Yours is Not Yours- Helen Oyeyemi


This book is of short stories cleverly written around the ideas of keys which open library, garden and give clues to the fate of two lovers.

7. My Kind of Crazy- Robin Reul


The writer Robin writes the book about the strange and challenging friendship.

8.  A Study in Charlotte- Brittany Cavallaro

bsjn square orig

Cavallaro recasts Watson and Holmes of Sherlock Holmes again in a volatile way. It would be preferred mostly by the teens.

9.  In Other Words- Jhumpa Lahiri

in other words

Lahiri in this novel presents a dual language format; it is a nonfictional novel and original write up.

10. Smarter Faster Better- Charles Duhigg

smarter faster better

This latest book of the author focuses on productivity and how some companies and people have done much better than others; it also focuses on the behavioral economics, neuroscience, and psychology.

11. The Association of Small Bombs- Karan Mahajan


The author  depicts the after-effects of terrorism on three families, about the people killed and the survivors left behind and its architects.

12. All Things Cease to Appear- Elizabeth Brundage

04 all things cease to appear

It is a dark and exciting novel where George Clare tries to clear his name over the time period of twenty years as he is charged with the murder of his wife. It is a murder mystery also representing marriage.

13. Riders- Veronica Rossi

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The author Rossi’s saga tells about the dream of Gideon Blake who wants to become a U.S. Army Ranger but wakes from an accident finding himself as one of the four horsemen of Apocalypse.

14. When Breath Becomes Air- Paul Kalanithi

when breath becomes air paul kalanithi 1

It is an emotional venture about a young neurosurgeon suffering from terminal cancer who is on the quest to answer questions regarding what makes life worth living.

15. The Queen of the Night- Alexander Chee


The story is mysterious about how Lilliet moves closer to finding out the truth behind the mysterious opera; the story is full of surprises till the final pages.

16. The Great American Whatever- Tim Federle


People will connect with creative Quinn Roberts on how her sister dies in a car crash and how his friend drags him out of all this. It is both a funny and a realistic novel.

17. The Love That Split the World- Emily Henry

the love that split the world teaser

It is a beautiful and profound book for adults and teens packed with folklore and mystery

18. The Mountains of Portugal- Yann Martel


As the name itself suggests, Martel renowned for his allegorical novel in this book has written about the quest and fable of Portugal over the period of a century.

19. The Lifeboat Clique- Kathy Parks

the lifeboat clique amy cover photo

This dark comic story is about a girl who escapes death when a tsunami hits and lands up with the people she‘s dying to avoid.

20. The Girl from Everywhere- Heidi Heilig


This relates the saga of “time traveling pirates” and takes the reader from New York to Hawaii of the 19th century.  The wit and character of a 16-year-old girl are absolutely perfect for exploring.