16 Most Motivational Speeches

16 Most Motivational Speeches

16 Most Motivational Speeches

These speeches will change your life.

1. Barak Obama’s Speech: You can always beat the odds

He teaches us to be our best; you can beat the odds and accomplish anything you desire.

2. Martin Luther King Jr’s Speech: Some things are more valuable than success

He teaches us that the value of equal rights, peaceful living is even more important than success.


3. Admiral William H McRaven’s Speech: Teaches us to make our own beds

In his speech, he explains the life in military services.

4. Stephen Colbert’s speech: Life is not perfectly planned

He explains here that; our life has obstacles as well as success, we cannot plan anything in advance.

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5. Robin Robert’s Speech: Everyone is courageous enough to face difficulties

He teaches us to believe in ourselves.

6. Will Smith’s speech: He teaches us to believe in ourselves

In his movie The Pursuit of Happiness, he explains in a speech that there will be people telling you that you cannot achieve what you desire the most. So you should ignore them and always have faith in your heart.

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7. J. K. Rowling’s speech: She teaches us that no matter bad things may become; never have any fear of failure

In her speech, she inspires us not to lose hope and self-belief. When she wrote Harry Potter novel, it got rejected by varied publishers but, still, she did not get afraid and continued her work. 

Now you can observe that she is one of the most popular and well-known authors of all times. Her books became legendary. She explains that you should always keep trying in life, no matter how many times you fail.

8. Jim Carrey’s Speech: If you prefer safer side, you might still fail

He teaches us to follow our passion instead of doing what is safer in other people’s opinion as you might even fail at it.

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9. Sylvester Stallone’s speech: He teaches us to be brave and never lose hope

He explains in his movie Rocky Balboa that we should always keep moving forwards no matter how many times we fall.

10. Kurt Vonnegut’s Speech: Quit being materialistic

He teaches us to let go of the things in life.

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11. Author David Foster Wallace’s Speech: He teaches us that we have supreme existence

Here he explains that our life form is unique and we belong to a great existence.

12. Neil Gaiman’s Speech: Sometimes, success may distract you

He teaches us that do not ever get overconfident in your life.

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13. Bill Murray’s Speech: Difficult situations bring out the people who truly love you

He teaches us the good sides of bad times.

14. Steve Jobs’ speech: He teaches us not to settle for less

Steve Jobs explains in his speech that it is your life so, you should always take decisions which satisfy you and not in accordance with others. You should never settle unless your heart says so.

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15. Dan Pink’s speech: True meaning of motivation

He teaches us to feel motivated.

16. Elizabeth Gilbert’s Speech: You are the best

She teaches us to believe that we can achieve anything we want.