9 Important Success Factors for Students

9 Important Success Factors for Students

9 Important Success Factors for Students

It is generally believed that your success in school or college will go a long way in determining your overall success in life. There are a lot of factors, both internal and external, that influence your success. As a student, you are under a lot of pressure from parents to perform. Add to that the comparisons that take place every now and then with that bright cousin of yours who almost always shines out in everything he does. It can get really daunting to keep up with all the expectations and pressure.

But don’t let pressure get to you. Sit back and identify what does success mean to you? Is it good grades, securing the first position in academics, or excelling in sports or extra-curricular activities? If you are a parent who is reading this, sit back and ponder over this – what is your child really good at, besides academics? Success should be felt from within – it is something that gives you a sense of achievement – whether excelling in academics or extra-curricular activities.

Here are 9 important factors that will guide you in being successful as a student:

1. Family


Well, this comes as no surprise. Your success at school is largely determined by the family equation at home. It is generally believed that parents who have a positive approach towards their child’s education and take an interest in his day-to-day life and are supportive and friendly, and their kids performed better at school.

2. Friendships

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After home, school is where you make strong bonds. Friends can be a great factor in determining your school. If you have strong, positive friendships, you are likely to perform well at school and have an overall positive approach towards school life.

3. Sleep

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Well, it goes without saying – the well-rested you are, the better you are able to concentrate and perform. As a student, it is important that you get 8 hours of a good night’s rest.

4. Fitness


Exercise helps increase the oxygen flow to the brain, which makes you sharper and have a better focus on everything you do. As a student, focus and concentration are of prime importance. The endorphins released after a workout help your mood and keep you positive and energized. Make sure that you engage in a physical activity, whether in school or after school. It could be a sport of your choice or a simple run in the near-by park or a dance class if that’s what interests you.

5. Identifying Your Interests

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This is very important to be identified in determining success at school. Many times, you are so pressurized to perform that it makes you lose interest. In such a case, take a step back and see what is it that interests you and what doesn’t. If Math is your weak area and language is what you are good at, try becoming better at what you are good at and learn a bit more in what you are weak at.

6. Teacher Engagement

teacher engagement

Success of students is largely determined by their teachers. The process of learning becomes fun and much more interesting when teachers are engaging. This approach even strengthens the bond between students and teachers and motivates students to perform better.

7. Time Management


One of the most important skills to be developed for success is time management. Whatever age you might be, time management is one skill that helps you utilize your time and energy more efficiently and productively. It teaches you self-discipline and the importance of prioritizing tasks.

8. Preparation and Participation

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To succeed at anything, one must put in a lot of hard work. Preparation is the key to success. It requires understanding the task at hand, being engaged in learning and preparing all assignments and class projects or for any extracurricular activity.

9. Self-Belief

self belief

Lastly, success is also determined by your self-belief. The belief in one’s ability to achieve the goals and succeed is what keeps students going on days of low morale.