7 Easy Steps to Overcome Your Bad Habits

7 Easy Steps to Overcome Your Bad Habits

7 Easy Steps to Overcome Your Bad Habits

‘Habits die hard’, they say and it holds true at so many levels. Although the word has a somewhat generic meaning, today, the term is used to describe any activity that is regular but detrimental in nature. Habits are almost connected with being ‘bad’ in the sense.

Why ‘Habits’ Can be Bad?

We do have to admit that a habit for anything is not a good quality. First things first, there is no guarantee of the comforts and the everyday convenience (that we mostly take for granted) that we are so accustomed to. There is nothing that can ensure that tomorrow (or sometime later) you might have all or even one of the comforts that you are currently enjoying.

why habits are bad

Our lifestyle has become such that we are attuned to following a fixed schedule, right from the moment we wake up to the time we fall asleep. Some of the daily ‘habits’ such as consciously eating healthy, getting regular exercise, etc are healthy in nature; there are many activities that we are used to performing in our daily lives that take an immediate (or an eventual) adverse effect on our body, mind, and soul.

Breaking off Bad Habits

breaking off bad habits

Any bad habit has a trigger, a cause, a justification, and the inevitable harm. These aspects come together to form a hardened bad habit in people generally. Even though quitting a bad habit might seem like a monumental task, and truly speaking it does take a significant amount of effort from your end, the possibility of successfully kicking a habit is always within your reach.

Below are 7 helpful, easy, and convenient steps to overcome your bad habits:

1. Introspection


The first step in the path to quitting a habit is to consider the number and types of habits that you are currently accustomed to. A deep introspection can help you achieve the answers that can help unlock the mystery to the resilient nature of your habits. Introspection helps to sort out the jumble in the mind and find the source of the habit itself.

2. Realization


Admitting that you have a bad habit is the next step. It is considered to be one of the hardest steps. Self-realization is always a golden but rare opportunity. The best way to come to the realization of a bad habit in yourself is to ask yourself the question as to why should you be making your body and mind suffer from it.

Every habit seems to be supported and propagated by a load of excuses or one single solid-sounding justification. Realizing and admitting that there is something wrong will only add to the motivational factor.

3. Commitment


The next important step towards kicking a bad habit is to commit one’s self totally to one's personal effort. It might require immense amounts of energy and willpower at times, but it is never beyond our personal threshold. Commitment is another word for determination in this context.

4. Help

counselling for bad habits

At times, the bad habit is deeply entrenched in our lives and the effort required would need outside help as well. Taking help from friends, families, and professionals to support in your addiction-quitting plan is one of the most effective steps.

5. Strengthening


As you walk ahead on the path to quitting a bad habit, it is only natural that you will be tempted time and again to fall back into the habit. This requires the strength of body and mind. Mental cravings are known to take precedence even over our basic needs; hence, strengthening the resolve and being more determined can help assure you of quitting the bad habit sooner.

6. Distracting


When the temptation to get back into the bad habit becomes too much for you, it is handy to have some positive and productive distractions that can take your mind off the cravings for the time being. Unfortunately, many people try to substitute one habit with another, which in turn, can also become another bad habit.

7. Optimism


When things start to look gloomy, irritating, depressing or stressful, always keep in mind the real reason you are doing this. Remember your realization of the effects that the bad habit has on your body and mind, recall the commitment you made to improve yourself as well as keep in mind the long road to successfully beating the bad habit that you have already traveled.

This overall positive perspective not only helps you to kick the bad habit successfully but also helps to improve your quality of life.

Kicking a bad habit becomes easier and more convenient when you follow these simple steps. Ridding your life of bad habits helps you to become a better person and lead a healthy life.