5 Best Free Team Management Tools

5 Best Free Team Management Tools

5 Best Free Team Management Tools

In the modern business scenario lots of people from multiple locations work together to achieve a common goal. An organization consists of different departments and bringing about a coordination among each and every department is just like a bump on the road. If coordination between different departments of the same organization itself is a back-breaking problem, then imagine the situation when different people from different parts of the world have a common goal and work towards achieving it. Thanks to the various team management tools, which  has indeed helped different people to stay connected in their journey towards advancement.

The list of free team management tools is mentioned below:

1. Asana


It is a social management tool which is very much similar to that of Bitrix 24. It is a cloud project management app and helps 15 persons to be in the loop for free. Developed by Dustin Moskovitz and Justin Rosenstien, it helps people to keep constant track of the group work. It is a mobile friendly app as well, which helps to maintain an overall control over the performance of a team.

 Do you still use emails to bring about a collaboration between people? If yes, try out this web as well as mobile based app which doesn't rely on the emails to communicate between people. This software simply wants you to create a workspace  containing projects, which in turn have different tasks. If you want to add any comments to it or even tag people you can do it without any hassle. It keeps on giving updates and messages when the project status changes.

2. Mind Meister

mind meister

This is yet another project or team management tool, which helps people to come closer irrespective of how far they are placed. It is a web as well as mobile application software which is known as the mind mapping app. It facilitates people to visualize the tasks by simply drawing an image depicting the central theme and adding many related words to it. This simple but clear diagram will help the people to understand what they have to do as a team and what they have to do individually

3. Podio


It is a project management system with social networking within the organization. It is a very useful app in which each and everyone can have a profile page, just as in Facebook and can add colleges and senior managers to the contact list, which helps everybody to chat with each other. It is made more attractive by including the tasks that need to be performed and an email to facilitate communication among the team members. Furthermore, you can add new apps if you are tired of the old app using the Podio app builder.

4. Google App:

google app

Of late, this app has become so popular that it is widely used by almost everybody. It is a multipurpose app. It is a one stop source for chatting, sending mails and reports as well as video conferencing within the organization, which ensures a smooth flow of work. But you can avail this team management tool only when the internet is on. Can you just imagine how effective it would be if multiple users can write and make changes on the same document simultaneously? This is that kind of a document, which allows multiple users to access the same page at the same time.

5. Bitrix 24


Just think of an imaginary animal with the face of a lion, body of a cheetah and the  wings of an eagle. How strong that animal would be? Similarly, Britix 24 is also an unimaginable group management app with the features of Facebook, WhatsApp, Googledoc combined together in one pack. That is what Bitrix 24 is all about. Awesome isn't it?

In short, these tools help us to manage a team better. They bring people together and  keep them posted about the current events, which creates a friendly environment among the group members. Moreover, they are suitable for any kind of organization because of the special features they provide to the users. It creates a conflict-free work environment!