Success Quotes (Infographic)

Success Quotes (Infographic)

Success Quotes (Infographic)

Success is marvelous. People aspire to be successful in what they do, for the love of the game. Being successful takes a lot of envision, guts, spirit and perseverance. Individuals who are driven towards success need more than the above. The world needs inspiration and there is no doubt about that.

Over the years, great personalities from across the globe have made their own success statements. Quotes form an inspiring section of the pep talk, especially coming achievers. Successful quotes are not only inspiring, they are uplifting and life changing at times. The quotes have been there since the time immemorial, leading and championing those who have sought them. Famous successful quotes remain forever, irrespective of whether the person who said them is alive or not.


Keeping in mind such inspiration, we bring to you some of the best quotes that were ever said about success. People who have been acclaimed and famous worldwide for their wins and contribution to the society left some hard hitting and mind reviving phrases for the rest of us.

Here are few of the famous quotes on success made by eminent personalities. If you are starting your day with fruitful thoughts and goal oriented actions, we suggest you throw in some of these powerful statements made in the form of the quotes to complete your mission.

Remember, sometimes it is both about the journey as well as destination! 

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