10 Simple Steps to Rise Above Your Fear of Failure

10 Simple Steps to Rise Above Your Fear of Failure

10 Simple Steps to Rise Above Your Fear of Failure

Everyone is afraid of failure. We don't all show it the same but the feeling exists in each and every one of us. It is what you do, however, that is most important.

Here are some tips to help you rise above your fear of failure so that you can succeed!

1. Realize that Failure is a Lesson

failure is a lesson

Perspective is important. You should realize that failure is a chance to learn what you could have done to succeed. Take the lesson to heart and when the same situation arises, you will see a much more positive outcome. Learn from your failures!

2. Relax.. You'll Fail Again and Rise Again

fai again rise again

Sometimes you are going to fail. It is a reality of life. That doesn't mean you can't dust yourself off and try again. Relax. It can happen to anyone. It is what you do with your failures that defines you.

3. Do You Know Anyone Who has Never Failed?

everyone fails

Well, do you? Of course not. Everyone has failed at something or the other in their life. Your parents, co-workers, all the people you admire have failed at something at some point in their lives. How else do you learn to succeed?

4. Break the Task into Smaller Tasks

break smaller tasks

This is a good tip. Take a big problem and break it down into smaller, more manageable ones. Now that task doesn't look so daunting anymore, does it?

5. Use Your Fear as a Motivator

use your fear

If you are afraid, you have two options hardwired into you. Fight or flight. Choose to fight and start getting into the habit. See a challenge and run towards it instead of away from it. Your attitude can be the difference between success and failure, so when you are afraid, start teaching yourself to attack the problem. Use your fear!

6. Analyze Previous 'Failures' to See What You could have Done Better

analyze previous failures

Learn from your mistakes. Fear dissipates with knowledge. If you know what you did wrong the last time, you are better able to avoid making the same mistake. Look over your actions carefully and learn from them.

7. Imagine a World with No Challenges

world with no challenges

Think about it. What if everything was easy? Sure, that sounds like a fun thought when you have a deadline to meet, but if anyone could meet that deadline with ease, the world would be a very boring place. Not to mention less profitable for you, because everyone could do your job! Challenge is healthy and good for you. Learn to appreciate it.

8. Realize that Courage is Facing Your Fears Anyway

courageto face

Courage is all about being afraid but acting anyway. Don't let your fear of failure paralyze you. Be courageous and you can overcome it and fight your way to success.

9. You can't Succeed If You don't Risk Failure

risk to succeed

It's simple but true. Failure is the risk you take any time you wish to succeed. Success is cumulative in that each little success you achieve will give you a confidence boost to get to the next one. Face your fears and realize that the risk of failure is simply a part of the game of life.

10. You are the One Who Truly Decides If You have Failed

decide your failure

Ultimately, you are the one who has to live with your actions. If you realize that fear of failure is natural and that sometimes you are going to fall no matter what, then it can lose its power over you. You are the one who decides if a failure is something random, a lesson, or a challenge to motivate you. Failure doesn't have it to cripple you.

We hope that you will take these tips to heart and see that fear of failure doesn't have to be an anchor. Let it be your wings, your motivation, or anything you like. Take charge in achieving your own success!